Molly Brazy

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“Molly Brazy is one of the dopest rappers coming out of Detroit right now, and her Molly World mixtape from January is one of the hardest tapes of the year so far.”XXL

“Molly Brazy is a Detroit rapper with a rapid, violent flow that never strays far from abrasive..” – Complex

At just 18 years old, Detroit rapper Molly Brazy has built a music career that takes most artists decades. She’s done it entirely by herself, and strictly on her own terms. As her just-released debut Molly World is garnering new listeners and gaining fans daily, the artist’s knack for making music videos to her fiery street songs has translated to beyond 15 million views.

“I’m in a good space, with a lot of things going on,” Molly says in the midst of promoting her 4sho label release. Her latest video, “2 Faced,” is fast approaching 3 million plays. Growing up in and of homes all across the city, she is a product of some of Motown’s toughest side. From that background, Molly raises the stakes in reality-drenched Gangsta Rap. Her militant verses confront hard-living with a guard that’s always up, all the while dealing with the drama that any young woman faces from peers and circumstance. In between, it’s about partying, looking good, and getting every bit out of life. Just as she is in her massively popular videos, Brazy is lively on the microphone. On Molly World hit vid’ “Outro,” her flow perfectly matches an energetic beat as she asserts her strongarm in the streets. One can hear that music brings her joy, courage, and please to release all that’s penned up inside of her.

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