Detroit Phenom Molly Brazy Announces Big Brazy, Her Debut Project Releasing on December 8th

The Upstart Rapper Asserts Her Supremacy on “Pop Shit,” the Project’s Latest Video, Premiered by XXL


Critical Praise for Molly Brazy:

“Molly Brazy is one of the dopest rappers coming out of Detroit right now, and her Molly World mixtape from January is one of the hardest tapes of the year so far” – XXL

The Announcement:

Precociously charismatic and verbally dexterous, Molly Brazy is the latest teenaged rap phenom. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Molly Brazy built a following with tough talk and slick rhymes. Packed to the brim with banging beats and memorable catchphrases, Molly announces Big Brazy, her upcoming project. On Big Brazy, Molly tells her story, detailing violent incidents and expressing her hope that her rapping will allow her to escape her city: “You see that Draco with me and you think a murder charge/I see that Draco, it remind me to shoot for the stars/In a world where n*ggas do not respect the queen/Sometimes you gotta point, aim, and shoot to change things.” With diverse and infectious production from the likes of Go Grizzly, Pooh Beatz, RocaineDeaf Beatz and others, Big Brazy is a promising follow-up to January’s Molly World, which XXL called “one of the hardest tapes of the year so far.” A concise, 10-track effort without a dud in the bunch, Big Brazy arrives on December 8th.

Praised by XXL as “one of the dopest rappers coming out of Detroit,” Molly Brazy gained notoriety by uploading freestyle videos to Instagram, ballooning her presence to over 688,000 followers. With an additional 265k likes on Facebook, 62.3k followers on Twitter, and 36.6k likes on SoundCloud, Molly Brazy has become a social media sensation for her rapping prowess. In her short career, Molly Brazy has already collaborated with some of the most significant figures in Detroit rap, including BandGangRJ LamontRocaine, and many others. Watch out for Big Brazy, releasing later this year.

Today, Molly shares Pop Shit,” the latest video single from Big Brazy. Produced by Deaf Beatz, “Pop Shit” is a menacing banger, with an eerie, circular keyboard motif, which finds Molly rocking a triplet flow to annihilate her haters: “Running your mouth, is you crazy?/You do not want to get into that/Bitches talk shit on the internet/I pull up I put an end to that.” Premiered by XXL, the video for “Pop Shit” finds Molly flexing with her crew, posing with her AK in the aftermath of a kidnapping. In a series of quick, dimly-lit cuts, Molly Brazy demonstrates the rare charisma that has earned her a huge following at such a young age.

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Big Brazy Tracklist:

  1. Molly’s Story (produced by Go Grizzly x Deaf Beatz)
  2. Big Brazy (produced by Go Grizzly x Rocaine )
  3. Brazy Gang (produced by Go Grizzly x Rocaine x Pooh Beatz)
  4. Naan Ft. Cuban Doll (produced by Go Grizzly x Pooh Beatz)
  5. Draco (produced by Pooh Beatz)
  6. Neva Trust A Bitch (produced by Go Grizzly x Pooh Beatz)
  7. Pop Shit (produced by Deaf Beatz)
  8. They On Molly (produced by Go Grizzly x Pooh Beatz)
  9. Ion Like You (produced by Go Grizzly x Pooh Beatz x Squat )
  10. All I Know (produced by Deaf Beatz)
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