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spacer Video: Junk Science - "Fire Drill" (Def Jux) 04.24.2009
spacer "I still got nightmares / You know the type where / You sportin' rejects / everybody rockin' Nike Airs" spacer

The Video:

Sometimes people can go overboard with the camera effects. Brooklyn's Junk Science, however, has managed to make good use of the fisheye technique in their new video for "Fire Drill." Directed by Andrew Gura, the song's videography is perfectly suited for Junk Science's unique lyricism, which gives us insight into their most intimate... and... er... interesting thoughts. It's as if Baje One and DJ/Producer Snafu know we're the flies on the wall, but carry on anyway. "Fire Drill" is available as part of an exclusive Def Jux iTunes mixtape available now at the iTunes Store:

The Background:

Junk Science is made up of Baje One on the mic and DJ Snafu on the beats. This duo met in the mid 90's while attending high school in Brooklyn, NY and immediately started making music. It was not until 2003 that the pair buckled down to record their debut LP Feeding Einstein. The album received little notice until 2005, when Baje and Snafu won Scion's NextUp Song Contest with their track "Roads." The video for this song caught the attention of DJ Ese, founder of Embedded Records, who signed Junk Science that year and released Feeding Einstein to critical acclaim. 2007 saw the release of their sophomore effort Gran'Dads Nerve Tonic on Definitive Jux Records, which they aligned with a promotional limited edition beer created by Brooklyn brewery Six Points Craft Ales. Their third album, A Miraculous Kind of Machine, is due out later this year.

Please contact Michelle if interested in talking with Baje & Snafu.

"Fire Drill"

"Running Shoes"

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