Jacksonville’s Yungeen Ace Announces Life of Betrayal, His Debut Mixtape, Out August 3rd

The Rapidly Rising Cinematic Music Group-Signee Stunts on Fakes and Lames in “Demons,” his FADER-Premiered New Video


Critical Praise for Yungeen Ace:

“As a young rapper from the talent hotbed that is Florida, Yungeen Ace has found a way to stick out, slowly building a name for himself through his work.”XXL

“With a distinct talent to match a building buzz, you’ll be seeing Yungeen Ace sooner rather than later” – RESPECT Mag

The Announcement:

Combining classic southern-fried beats with a new school melodicism and an appealingly drawly delivery, Jacksonville’s Yungeen Ace channels his troubles into well-crafted rap songs. Delivering warning shots to all comers who try his patience, Yungeen Ace airs a list of grievances on Demons,” his latest single. Though he tries to lead a peaceful existence, Yungeen Ace finds himself provoked by snitches and overconfident wannabes–“Demons” finds the rapper wrestling with his conscience, channeling his anger into rapidfire bars. Premiered by The FADER, “Demons” is a low-key slapper, drenched in warped church organ, warm electric keys, and halting, syncopated percussion. In the video, Ace ruminates under red light, dancing alone and staring at candles, haunting his own house with his dark thoughts.

“Demons” comes hot on the heels of Ace’s Jungle,” a poignant banger with an appearance from JayDaYoungan, which garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. “Jungle” is a highlight from highlights from Life of Betrayal, Ace’s debut project. Featuring hit singles like  Fuck That,” which has over 3.8 million views on YouTube, “All In” (4.4 million views), and “Betrayed” (1.9 million views), and boasting an appearance from NBA YoungBoyLife of Betrayal releases August 3rd via Cinematic Music Group.

Building up a profile with his crafty songwriting and expressive vocals, Yungeen Ace won the respect of many of his peers, ranging from superstar NBA YoungBoy to deep south veteran Mista Cain. In 2018, Yungeen Ace started to build a sizable fanbase, earning millions of views on his music videos. In June, Yungeen Ace’s meteoric rise took a dark turn when he and three friends, including his brother, were attacked in a drive-by shooting. Though he attempted to shield his brother from the hail of bullets by using his own body, getting shot 8 times, as he told his 329k Instagram followers, Yungeen Ace was the only survivor of the shooting. After spending weeks recuperating in the hospital, Yungeen Ace has a new lease on life, and he intends to turn the tragedy of his brother’s and his friends’ loss into artistic triumph. Look for more music from Yungeen Ace to come this year.

Listen to “Demons”: https://soundcloud.com/yungeenace/demons

Watch “Demons”: https://youtu.be/ZoOh-X5B7Tg

Check out The FADER’s premiere: http://www.thefader.com/2018/07/24/yungeen-ace-demons-premiere

Life of Betrayal (Hosted by DJ Shab) Tracklist:

  1. “True Story”
  2. “Pain”
  3. “Wanted” Feat. NBA Youngboy
  4. “Fuck That”
  5. “Have You Ever”
  6. “Love”
  7. “Murdah”
  8. “Jungle” Feat. JayDaYoungan
  9. “Hold Me Down”
  10. “Find Myself”
  11. “Best Friend”
  12. “All In”
  13. “Betrayed”

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The Background:

Keyanta Bullard, better known as Yungeen Ace, is a talented 20-year old hip-hop artist making an early splash in the industry. Born in Chicago and raised in Jacksonville, FL (Duval County), Ace and his crew, the Yungeen Gang, have been recording and releasing music for a couple years now cultivating a loyal fanbase that supports their every move. Having experienced a lot of hardships growing up, Ace took his impressive skillset and contagious passion and put it all towards his music.

The first big moment for the southern spitter came in January of 2017 when the Yungeen Gang released a video titled “Go To War,” which ended up raking in over a million views (currently at 1.8 million) soon after its release. That pivotal moment gave Ace and his team the confidence to keep going. From there, the young and hungry rappers released multiple songs and videos adding to their fanbase by the day. By 2018, Ace had signed a deal with Cinematic Music Group and went on to release a slew of new singles to start the year. The first single, “All In,” was his passionate message to the world that he’s putting everything on the line to ensure success. That video has since reached over 3 million views, which led to Ace’s next three follow up singles: “Find Myself” (1.3 million views), “Betrayed” (1.2 million views) and “Gorillaz” (462,000 views).

All of these single releases earned Ace a ton of major press looks including coverage and support from the likes of Complex, HipHopDX, ELEVATOR, Miss Info, and so many others. In April and May of 2018, Ace gave two very in-depth interviews with both Vlad TV and MyMixtapez, explaining everything from how he grew up, to how he maneuvered into the rap game and much more. With about half of 2018 left, you can expect a lot more excitement from Yungeen Ace. That’ll include a slew of new music and visuals, as well as highly anticipated collaborations with NBA Youngboy and JayDaYoungan, who he’ll be touring with in August. Get familiar with Yungeen Ace now!


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Bio, photos, and music available at www.audibletreats.com/yungeen-ace

“Demons”: https://youtu.be/ZoOh-X5B7Tg // https://soundcloud.com/yungeenace/demons

“Jungle” ft. JayDaYoungan: https://youtu.be/sAh5v6fPnP4https://soundcloud.com/yungeenace/jungle-feat-jaydayoungan

“Fuck That”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBweJcwdUlU

“All In”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xCar_UDP6k

“Betrayed”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DgLsY5ZG9Y

“Gorillaz” ft. OG 3Three: https://soundcloud.com/yungeenace/gorrilaz-ft-og-3three