Video: Mal & Quill – “What’s Happenin”

The 1017 Eskimo Rising Stars Show Us How They Live in this Clip for a Blessed Lil Bastards 3 Highlight


Critical Praise:

“Yung Mal and Lil Quill have been pumping out a whole lot of music in recent times and are proving that they have what it takes to be next up.”HotNewHipHop

“Yung Mal & Lil Quill have quickly become two of the most promising young artist coming out of Atlanta.” – Elevator

“If you like triplet after triplet of fluid, free flowing rhymes floated over trap house beats cooked up in the South then Yung Mal and Lil Quill got you.”EARMILK

The Video:

Feeding off each other’s energies with triplet-bars and wild ad-libs, Mal & Quill are the most exciting Atlanta rap group in years. Rocking designer in their house in the hills, Mal & Quill supercharge their flex for What’s Happenin,” their latest video single. Stacking spitfire syllables in between delayed square-synth waves, courtesy of 808 Mafia, Mal & Quill revel in their own shine, but they don’t forget their roots: “We used to sleep on a boxspring, didn’t have no mattress,” rhymes Lil Quill on the hook. In the video, Yung Mal rocks a Givenchy sweater as he cooks in the kitchen with a model, while Lil Quill takes his girl for a spin in his bright orange Beamer. Premiered by XXL, “What’s Happenin” is the latest release from Blessed Lil Bastards 3the duo’s forthcoming project, following the slinky “Beat Monster,” which features a guest spot from Q Money.

Explain Mal & Quill, “The ‘What’s Happenin’ video was inspired by us vibing out in LA working on music. We wanted to bring that energy to the fans. Blessed Lil Bastards 3 is on the way. After we drop that tape, we’re gonna be working on solo projects next for 2019.”

Proudly representing East Atlanta’s Zone 6, the duo of Yung Mal and Lil Quill are rising up on a wave of grassroots support. Ready to level up and reach a hungry new audience, Mal & Quill sharpen their bars and enhance their rhythmic hooks on Blessed Lil Bastards 3. Though many ATL rappers opt to face the relentless grind as solo artists, Mal & Quill accentuate each other’s strengths, as Yung Mal’s smooth and percussive flow contrast against Lil Quill’s drawly cadences and irreverent ad-libs. The follow-up to the duo’s Summer 2018 mixtape Souf6the duo’s collaborative tape with rising producer Richie SoufBlessed Lil Bastards 3 is a testament to the Zone 6 group’s ride-or-die bond, as they exhibit a chemistry unseen in their city since the early days of Migos. Blessed Lil Bastards 3 arrives this winter via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo.

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