MP3: Wara From the NBHD – “Scrilla”

Brooklyn-Bred, Atlanta-Based Rapper/Producer Releases N.E.R.D.-Inspired Second Single From Forthcoming Concept Album, Kidnapped



Critical Praise for Wara From the NBHD:

“Lyrically he comes across as both book and street smart and has the direct cadence of a great live performer.”XXL

“Wara… has nearly bled mind, body and emotions dry in writing and scoring his audible biopic.”Passion of the Weiss

“Take him lightly at your own risk.”Complex

“One of Atlanta’s best kept secrets – though not for much longer.”PotholesInMyBlog

“One of Atlanta’s most promising acts of the new wave.”Ashley Outrageous

“The gloomy, minimalist production… is perfectly suited for a late-night ride through town.”  – The FADER 

“His hook and verses are on-point.”MissInfo.TV

Keeping the mood as murky as possible, Wara makes his presence known over a spooky backing voice positioned against a secluded guitar and drums.”OnSMASH

The Song:

Preparing for the release of his debut concept album, Kidnapped, later this summer, Brooklyn-born, Atlanta-based rapper/producer Wara From the NBHD shares his latest single, “Scrilla,” via Wondering Sound. “Scrilla” is the second single, following “Squeal,” which debuted with The FADER earlier this year. As Wara explains it, “Scrilla” “is the part of the story where the character realizes shit is real in life and in the bad things he’s partaking in, but he’s comfortable in his own skin now and has accepted what it is, so that’s where the rebelliousness in the music comes in. He’s wilding out, not giving a fuck, just sitting watching things take place in front of his eyes.”

Finding influence in N*E*R*D‘s groundbreaking album In Search Of…, Wara states that “‘Scrilla’ was inspired by N*E*R*D’s ‘Rockstar,’” adding, “I specifically remember playing ‘Rockstar’ over and over, telling myself ‘fuck, I gotta make something on this level or the album just wont be right,’ because that was my whole intention with Kidnapped, to make the music sound somewhat rebellious.” Produced by Wara and his engineer, Justin Pardon, the song is highlighted by dark, sinister bass, gloomy piano hits, and Wara’s hostile growl. As Wondering Sound explains it, “Wara is not a bouncy or ‘fun’ rapper, he’s kicking hard-as-concrete street tales here, and ‘Scrilla’ is jagged and sharp to the touch as a peeled-off tuna can lid.”

Listen to “Scrilla”:

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Wara From the NBHD Background:

Wara From the NBHD might be ATL’s next rising star. The Brooklyn born, Atlanta-based rapper serves as an embodiment of both of the areas he grew up in. An artist with a unique ability to blend both cultures seamlessly with striking lyricism and impressive production. This sentiment is highlighted with Wara’s latest release The Ill Street Blues a mix tape garnering critical praise from notable outlets such as The Fader, Complex and XXL. The project portrays a dichotomy of the good and bad Wara has experienced in his life, notably personified by his son sitting next to a gun on the mix tapes cover. His upcoming release Kidnapped, will serve as a concept album produced entirely by himself and will be released later this summer.


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The Ill Street Blues

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