MP3: Tynethys & Main Attrakionz – “On1” Ft. Shady Blaze

Tynethys and Main Attrakionz Release Single From Collaborative Album Due Out October 22



The Song: 

Earlier this year, the Bay Area-based rap duo Main Attrakionz partnered with Sacramento producer Tynethys – the chemistry between the three was quick and easy, and from those sessions came a full album, produced by Tynethys, announced with the release of a first single, the excellent “Kinfolk.” Then came an artist’s worst nightmare – the drive where all of the sessions were stored crashed, and the album was lost.

Rather than go back and attempt to re-record the songs that were lost, Squadda B, MondreM.A.N., and Tynethys set out, ambitiously, to record a completely new album and that album, and that album, the essentially self-titled Main Attrakionz x Tynethys, is now complete and scheduled to be released on October 22nd.

Today, to announce the celebration, Main Attrakionz x Tynethys are releasing the album’s lead single, “On1,” premiered by Pitchfork. The song also features Shady Blaze, and, according to Tynethys, it’s a track inspired by those no longer with us, those who have passed away or who are incarcerated. “I wanted to celebrate the good times,” says Tynethys, “rather than focus on the fact that they’re gone.”

Listen to “On1” here:

Pitchfork premiered the track:

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Tynethys Background:

To hear him tell it, Sacramento’s Tynethys’ (pronounced ‘Teen-this’) musical style is like “selling crack in a Sub-Zero outfit.” For the MC/producer, Mortal Kombat is just one of his inspirations, along with local rap heroes Mac Dre, C-Bo and T-Nutty. Producing and writing his songs in the hours between midnight and sunrise, Tynethys is a jovial, pensive creator with a stoner’s laugh and street vernacular. Tyne’s style is a fuzzy free-form that speaks not only to his worldview from his bedroom, but many like him. With the forthcoming Thyluxe Edition follow-up to last year’s Lost Angeles album, Tynethys believes he’s hitting his best stride. “I feel like it is the truest representation of me. I did it without trying too hard.” Besides his own work, Tynethys appeals to many collaborators. This summer, he will release a project with Oakland duo Main Attrakionz. “I really fucked with these dudes. They came to Sacramento, and I literally showed up at their hotel room with a lab,” recalls T.P., who arrived with a portable studio. Having opened for Kendrick Lamar, Raekwon and Evidence, it’s only a matter of time until Tynethys transports his sound around the globe.


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