Video: TNT Tez – “Top” (Prod. by Bobby Johnson)

The Alamo Records Signee Rocks a Dodgers Jersey and Spins Like the Song’s Titular Object in the Colorful New Clip


Critical Praise for TNT Tez:

“TNT Tez has been unloading banger after banger for months now.”Elevator

“After the erupting force of his famous single, “The Truth”, TNT Tez has been a blazing path of being one of the state’s outstanding artists.”Modern Life Mag

“TNT Tez is another southern kid with a whole ton of potential.”Fashionably-Early

The Video:

With a rock-steady flow and an unbridled charisma, Birmingham native TNT Tez blitzes listeners with bite-sized bangers. Returning with another bass-heavy banger, TNT Tez leaves our heads spinning with Top,” his latest video single. Rocking a halting cadence above detuned bass and twinkling music box, Tez delivers a trap nursery rhyme, stacking infectious line on top of infectious line: “You say you bang red and blue so that mean that you a cop.” In the video, Tez stalks a basketball court in a Dodgers jersey, showing off his foreign car in front of a kaleidoscopic backdrop. “Top” is the latest in a steady stream of videos for Tez, following the energetic Wok,” which has over 185k views on YouTube, and the paintball-heavy Choppa,” which has 175k views.

Brimming with confidence, TNT Tez has the confidence of a veteran. Armed with his firm belief that he’s the best rapper in his city, Tez gained notoriety when he shared “The Truth,” a vicious, yet playful diss track aimed at his Birmingham peer YBN Nahmir. On “The Truth,” Tez nimbly flipped Nahmir’s flow, one-upping him with feats of verbal dexterity and poking fun of Nahmir for his infatuation with video games (their beef has since subsided). In subsequent hits, Tez put his money where his mouth was, releasing infectious bangers like Cropped Out,” which has over 700k streams on all platforms, and the ferocious Coca Cola,” which recently surfaced in the Season 3 premiere of HBO’s Insecure. With only a small number of tracks released to the public, TNT Tez prepares for a massive 2018 as he shares more standout tracks.

Watch “Top”:

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“The Truth”:

“Coca Cola”:

“Cropped Out”: