Video: The Mohawk Lodge – “Hard Love”

New Video Chronicles A Wild Night In Belgium With Local Trucker “Ber The Devil”



Critical Praise for The Mohawk Lodge:

Mesh the grunge fried sound of Neil Young and Crazy Horse with Nick Cave at his most feral and temestuous, and you have an indication of the sonic territory this Vancouver-based group alights on. Prepare for scorch marks on the soul at every listen of this, their fourth album.” – UK’s Daily Mirror

“Group choruses/hollerbacks to a slow ‘n’ grooved-up swing, set for your local indie blues joint.” – Stereogum

“What Bazan (Pedro The Lion) would sound like if catchiness was a priority.” – The Glorious Hum

The Video:

In support of their stellar new album Damaged Goods, The Mohawk Lodge has released a unique video for the 2nd single “Hard Love.” Shot on frontman Ryder Havdale’s phone last December in Peer, Belgium, the video chronicles a night of revelry with Belgian trucker “Ber the devil.” Dubbed such for his love of Duvel (a high- alcohol content Belgian beer that means “Devil”), Ryder and the guys spent an epic night with this infamous character. The resulting video is a feel-good romp capturing a chance meeting of kindred souls. It’s a natural fit for “Hard Love,” a catchy and anthemic track. While not all the guys of Mohawk Lodge could keep up with Ber, Ryder stayed up all night going Duvel for Duvel with him. They laughed, danced and partied the night away like old friends. As Ryder recalls: “Peter passed out first that night and Ber would slap him once an hour and wake him up to say ‘The Devil is with you.’ I vowed not to fall asleep that night!” As morning broke Ryder hopped in Ber’s rig and got a ride to the station before Ber lit out on the next leg of his route.

Watch the video:

Tone Deaf premiered the video:

Tour Dates:

May 29 – Cambridge, MA @ T.T. The Bear’s

May 31 – Sackville, NB @ Pickles

Jun 1 – Charlottetown, PEI @ Baba’s

Jun 2 – Halifax, NS @ Gus’ Pub

Jun 3 – Moncton, NB @ Plan B

Jun 4 – Montreal, QC @ CFC Bar

Jun 5 – Ottowa, ON @ Pressed

Jun 6 – Toronto, ON @ Dakota Tavern

Jun 7 – Chicago, IL @ TBA

Jun 8 – Milwaukee, WI @ Quarter’s Rock ‘n Roll Palace

Jun 10 – Rock Island, IL @ Daytrotter

Jun 11 – St. Paul, MN @ Big V’s

Jun 13 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Albert

Jun 14 – Saskatoon, SK @ MosoFest

July 05 – Melbourne, AUS @ Ding Dong

July 07 – Melbourne, AUS @ The Retreat

July 17 – Sydney, AUS @ Goodgod

July 18 – Sydney, AUS @ FBI

July 19 – Sydney, AUS @ The News Agency

July 27 – Gold Coast, AUS @ The Loft

July 31 – Canberra, AUS @ The Basement

Aug 02 – Melbourne, AUS @ Cherry Bar


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The Background:

The seeds for Damaged Goods sprouted as The Mohawk Lodge traipsed about Europe while on tour for their third album, Crimes (2010). After run-ins with insane Belgian truckers and enduring bitterly cold temperatures in December, the band coalesced into a formidable live act with an undeniable energy and chemistry. Upon returning to Canada, Ryder Havdale set out to capture the live band’s spirit and drive. After regaining his own sanity in a remote cabin built by his great-grandfather, recording was done live off the floor in a sweltering Toronto heat wave. In nothing but boxer shorts, and standing in pools of their own sweat, the Euro-touring band that helped inspire and create the tunes, exorcised the album. Havdale feels they nailed it. “It’s the first record I’ve done where I feel like we succeeded in what the idea was supposed to be. I wanted it to be terrifying and urgent and no bullshit – just in, out, see you later.” The album was released on May 7th via White Whale Records.


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