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Critical Praise for The Niceguys:

"Meet The Niceguys; arguably Houston's best kept hip-hop secret."
- Houston Chronicle

"The Niceguys make it evident from the title-track opener of their full-length offering, The Show, that this is not going to be an exercise in frivolous nursery rhymes. There is something very genuine about The Niceguys, whose core aim is to entertain and have fun with energetic hip-hop." - URB

"No cosigns, no major label hype, just good gotdamn music. That's exactly what makes the Houston foursome known as The Niceguys so damn unique." - Andreas Hale,

The Video:

The Niceguys released their debut album, The Show, in September of 2010. The album has earned the group accolades aplenty already, and despite being close to finished with their upcoming EP, The James Kelley EP, which will be released this summer, the Houston-based foursome is continuing to feed fans' appetites with new videos from The Show, this latest one being for "Die Later." Along with lead single "Mr. Perfect," "Die Later" is one of the hardest hitting tracks from the LP, replete with grinding, distorted guitars, heavy bass, and beating drums, all of which plays perfect accompaniment to Yves Saint's ever-so-smooth flow and witty vocal quips, as he raps, "The only thing promised on this tilted axis/ Is victory for my Niceguys, death, and taxes."

Watch The Niceguys' video for "Die Later" here:

Fans of The Niceguys still have a chance to submit their artwork to The James Kelley EP Fan Art Contest. Full details can be found here:

In case you missed it, download The Niceguys' debut album, The Show here:

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The Background:

The Niceguys epitomize the law of dynamics. They stimulate development and progress, and they also thrive off their own original ideas. The Niceguys' MC, DJ, and Producers consist of four young men by the names of Yves (MC), Candlestick (DJ), Free (Producer), and Christolph (Producer), respectively. Experiencing The Niceguys' chemistry live on stage is when the audience can witness that there is more to the group than meets the ear. The guys' personality and talent, as well as the lyrical content of their music, combine to provide a feel-good atmosphere for whoever is around. Having released The Green Room EP for free download in late 2009, The Niceguys have been quickly garnering attention from writers, bloggers, and tastemakers alike. The Niceguys' debut LP, The Show, is available via 265 PRO/The Pi Group.


"Die Later":

"Ari Gold":



"The Good Shepherd":

Download The Show:

"It's Like That":

"The Good Shepherd":

"Mr. Perfect":

"Not At All"

Download The Green Room EP:

The Niceguys EPK:

The NiceShorts:
Volume 1 - Southern Living:
Volume 2 - The Workout:
Volume 3 - The Raid:
Volume 4 - FranCHESTca:
Volume 5 - Supreme Team:
Volume 6 - Progression:
Volume 7 - 10k Hours/WireRoad:
Volume 8 - Ever Upward:
Volume 9 - James Kelley EP:

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