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The Video:

The eclectic and irresistible pop, electronic and hip-hop conflagration that is Smokey Robotic has just debuted their video "Gandhi" from recently released album Musium. The group, composed of singer-songwriters Seer and Father Dude along with producers !llmind and Konrad Oldmoney, has just wrapped a wildly successful west coast tour culminating in a headline show at The Roxy in Los Angeles, and now MTV Hive has premiered "Gandhi," which producer !llmind succinctly describes as "a trippy ass video for a trippy ass song." The stunning psychedelic visuals were directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh, for Pier Pictures, a studio that's previously directed and/or produced videos for Diplo, El-P, Ice Cube, and others.

"Gandhi" is ultimately a dance track. Producer Konrad Oldmoney explains that, "Originally, I made this beat out of a general discontent for the current state of bass-driven music." The whip crack of snappy production, built around Konrad's global bass sound, opens the track in full to what Seer calls, "a celebration of the sexual and natural wildness of being human." Father Dude elaborates by adding that "The song felt sexually reckless and Gandhi was a strangely appropriate and inappropriate figure to base it off of." Maybe sexualizing Gandhi is spot-on though, because, as Seer continues, "you get higher off of your heart than any substance." It's hard not to get high off this video with its masterful diversity of kaleidoscopic effects, which, as Seer says, "allows the song to breathe" and perhaps most critically, "hopefully inspires women to want to kiss our flying mouths." Truer words... you know how it goes.

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The Background:

Smokey Robotic is a four-member independent artist collective that is made up of singer-songwritters Seer and Father Dude as well as producers !llmind and Konrad OldMoney. The group has self-described their trail blazing music as "Superfuture," which is a genre that includes, but is not limited to, a blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, Pop, and Electronic. In the past, Smokey Robotic has collaborated with well-known artists like Redman, Eek-A-Mouse and Skyzoo as well as working with numerous visual artists from across the world, which earned them the attention of major media outlets like The Atlantic, New York Magazine, NY Post, and People Magazine. Over the past year, the group has been featured in a national TV campaign for Movado watches, charted number one on The Hype Machine Twitter Music Chart, chosen as the Top A&R Pick on, released a video with Intel & VICE Magazine, and received over a million YouTube views. Recently, they were selected for the New Music Seminar's "Artist on the Verge" Top 100 Chart, the most comprehensive chart today for up-and-coming musical talent from all genres, where nominations came from the leading names in the business like BMI, iHeartradio, ReverbNation, SoundExchange, Pandora, Spotify, Next Big Sound, SESAC, OurStage, and many more. On February 8th of this year, Smokey Robotic released their latest album Musium.



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