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spacer MP3: Sadistik Announces New Album Flowers For My Father; First Single Released Today 01.18.2013
spacer Official Sophomore Album Will Be Released February 19 Via Fake Four, Inc. spacer
(January 18, 2013 – Brooklyn, NY) Sadistik is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of his new album, Flowers For My Father. The album, which includes features from Cage, The CunninLynguists, and more, in addition to production from Blue Sky Black Death, will be released February 19th via Fake Four, Inc. To celebrate the announcement, today Sadistik is releasing the album's lead single, "Exit Theme," featuring Atronautalis and Lotte Kestner.

Flowers For My Father serves as Sadistik's first official album since the 2008 release of his debut effort, The Balancing Act, and while the album took some time to complete, the creative direction actually came in 2007, before the release of his debut, with the unexpected passing of his father, whom he considered his best friend. "After a few years," recalls Sadistik, "I finally felt ready to start a project for him. I didn't want to make an entire project about such a heavy topic, but I approached it instead as an update on my life, for my father. Each song is like a 'flower' at his grave.""

"The process of creating this album was very personal and isolated," he continues. "I basically crafted this like a mad scientist in my bedroom every day over the course of two-plus years, no outside influences." And that process comes across in the personality of the songs, and the album as a whole, as the project ebbs and flows with emotional peaks and valleys along the way. Tracks like "Seven Devils," for example, stand out for its layers and complexity, while tracks like "Melancholia" juxtapose against that fullness with a minimalism that comes across equally vulnerable. And first single "Exit Theme," being released today, also fits that mold, a deliberate, haunting track produced by Eric G and featuring Atronautalis and Lotte Kestner that explores life and death.

Most of all, Flowers For My Father is a sign of the artistic progression that Sadistik has made over the years, particularly as the full-on creative mind behind the direction of the project. "Flowers still has the poetic, cinematic, and emotional fingerprints of my previous work," says Sadistik, "but I think it's much more thought-out and mature now. There's a spoonful of sugar with the medicine this time around."

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The Background:

Flowers For My Father marks Sadistik's first solo album since his 2008 debut, The Balancing Act, and charts his growth in spades. Evolving his style to a more synthesized rendition of a signature cinematic Seattle sound, the new album displays a distinct combination of Sadistik's complex, vulnerable writing with textured, ambient production handled by the likes of Blue Sky Black Death and Kno of CunninLynguists. Featured guest performances from indie hip hop heroes such as Cage, Deacon The Villain, Astronautalis, and more result in his most developed, mature, and revealing project to date. Shortly after the release of The Balancing Act, Sadistik's father tragically passed. Never one to shy away from heavy topics or keep his personal life personal, Sadistik wrote this album for his late father, choosing to treat each song as an update of what has happened in his life since. This is reflected in writing which delves into depression, romance, heartbreak, optimism and the struggle to make sense of the ever-shifting pieces in the world around him. Flowers For My Father will be released on February 19, 2013 via Fake Four, Inc.

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