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The Album:

Albuquerque-based shoegaze quintet Sad Baby Wolf is proud to announce the release of their debut album, Electric Sounds. Composed of two former Shins members- front man Marty Crandall and guitarist Neal Langford- and close musical brethren Jason Ward (guitar), Maury Crandall (drums), and Sean McCullough (bass), the band has been slowly working their way towards a debut album over the past year. That moment is now as Electric Sounds is released to critical acclaim from outlets like SPIN, SYFFAL, Stereo Subversion, MSN, AOL Spinner, and more. Available digitally via iTunes and Amazon, the band has also pressed up 300 limited edition purple marbled-vinyl 12" records, which are available through their Bandcamp.

The album is short and sweet 8-song batch of fuzz-tinged dreamy melodies. Tracks like "Electric Sounds" and "8th Level" illustrate the band's ability to create sincere and captivating songs which, as Crandall describes it, are inspired by "the fading high we share with people in our lives." There's an air of longing and intimacy that pervades the recording, probably because it was produced by the band at bassist Sean McCullough's studio during a cold winter of struggle to perfect their maturing sound. Stream the album below and read some of the early critical acclaim for Electric Sounds:

8/10 star review: "Electric Sounds occupies that nether region between the hollowed out electric buzz of Pavement and the emotional crippling put on a muthafucker by bands like Ocean Blue and The Smiths." - Tim Baker, SYFFAL

"Electric Sounds... radiates emotion-wracked, atmosphering-scraping crunch." - SPIN

"Electric Sounds showcases that the new indie isn't all synth and autotune, but an adaptation of classic rock." - Stereo Subversion

Listen to "Electric Sounds" here:

Please contact Gavin if interested in talking with Sad Baby Wolf.

The Background:

The band was conceived during a homecoming of sorts—not in the heat of a romantic dalliance, but a brotherly collaboration. Sad Baby Wolf formed in 2010 when lead singer, Marty Crandall, who had just been "let go" from The Shins, returned to his hometown of Albuquerque for a visit. An old friend with roots in the Albuquerque music scene of yore was seriously ill and hosting a benefit concert to offset medical expenses. Hot air balloon pilot and fellow-former-Shins guitarist Neal Langford was a natural collaborator for what they assumed was a quick, one-off gig. Along with another long-time buddy and musician, Jason Ward, and Marty's brother Maury Crandall on drums, they pasted together a set of two covers and two originals. It was a slap-dash rush to compose the new songs, yet they found that it felt oddly, exhilaratingly effortless. The feeling persisted through the performance. In late 2011, Sad Baby Wolf released their debut single, "8th Level" / "Survival Guide". With the full length album Electric Sounds now out, the men of young Sad Baby Wolf contiunue to devleop their nascent sound. Beware of fangs and talons quivering in wait...


Electric Sounds

"Never Understand"Jesus And Mary Chain Cover:

"Electric Sounds"

"Everything Is" (Neutral Milk Hotel cover):

Daytrotter Session:!/concert/sad-baby-wolf/20055630-37382848

"8th Level"

"Survival Guide"

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:





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