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The Song:

At a point in every mans life, a crossroads will be met. In late 2010, Marty Crandall had been "let go" from the iconic indie-rock band the Shins and was met with the decision of either calling it a day or moving forward with this thing called music. Thankfully for us, he chose the latter. Touching base with some friends from his hometown (Albuquerque, New Mexico), that included fellow former Shins guitarist Neal Langford, brother Maury Crandall on drums, guitarist/vocalist Jason Ward and Sean McCullough on bass, Sad Baby Wolf quickly, and rather effortlessly came to life.

As their first release, the guys of SBW decided to release not one, but two singles in the same vein as a classic 7". On the front end is the boisterously rock-rooted stomper "8th Level," while on the flip side is the more psychedelic, drone-rock inspired "Survival Guide." Sad Baby Wolf is undoubtedly a project in and of itself, yet there may be some familiar harmonies and/or guitar tricks that are sure to make those nostalgic hearts grow fond.

Both songs are set to appear on Sad Baby Wolf's debut full-length, which is tentatively scheduled for release in early spring 2012.

Listen to "8th Level":
Listen to "Survival Guide":

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Please contact Gavin or Chris if interested in talking with Sad Baby Wolf.

The Background:

The band was conceived during a homecoming of sorts—not in the heat of a romantic dalliance, but a brotherly collaboration. Sad Baby Wolf formed in 2010 when lead singer, Marty Crandall, who had just been "let go" from The Shins, returned to his hometown of Albuquerque for a visit. An old friend with roots in the Albuquerque music scene of yore was seriously ill and hosting a benefit concert to offset medical expenses. Hot air balloon pilot and fellow-former-Shins guitarist Neal Langford was a natural collaborator for what they assumed was a quick, one-off gig. Along with another long-time buddy and musician, Jason Ward, and Marty's brother Maury Crandall on drums, they pasted together a set of two covers and two originals.It was a slap-dash rush to compose the new songs, yet they found that it felt oddly, exhilaratingly effortless. The feeling persisted through the performance. Fast forward to late 2011, and Sad Baby Wolf are finally ready to release their debut single, "8th Level" / "Survival Guide". With a full length album planned for spring of 2012 and frequent gigs, the men of young Sad Baby Wolf contiunue to devleop their nascent sound. Beware of fangs and talons quivering in wait...


"8th Level":

"Survival Guide":

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