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Critical Praise for Pseudo Slang:

"Pseudo Slang make the thinking fan's kind of hip-hop." - Chicago Sun Times

“When I first heard Pseudo Slang 'Yes Doubt' I was floored, and it became my #1 Song of 2008. I’ve been doing radio for 18 years but few songs ever gave me chills, 'Yes Doubt' was one of them. I can't wait for the album." - DJ 3rd Rail, Chicago DJ and Radio Legend, 89.3FM WNUR, DJ3RDRAIL.COM

The Song:

It can be a bittersweet day when you decide music is your calling. You're at once uplifted realizing your goal, while, at the same time, aware of the potential struggle ahead. The type of sacrifice it takes to make it as a musician can be trying, and hip-hop duo Pseudo Slang know this story well. On the track "Broke and Copasetic" Pseudo Slang describe how it was being broke, and, as the title suggests, finding themselves surprisingly content. For the Buffalo-based team of Emcee Sick and Tone Atlas, as long as they're making music everything is okay. A simple beat and soothing keyboard sample help center the focus on the lyrics. A soulful chorus featuring vocals by Vinia Mojica, who has worked previously with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and others, helps the track find a groove and make it easy to connect with the story. Look for this track and more on Pseudo Slang's new record We'll Keep Looking, available now on Fat Beats Records.

We'll Keep Looking is available everywhere now via Fat Beats Records. Please post buy links!

The Background:

Pseudo Slang is a hip-hop duo from the Buffalo, NY music scene. Emcee Sick of the Xtracts of Slang and Tone Atlas of the Pseudo Intellectuals teamed up about a decade ago to form Pseudo Slang - a side project that took on a career of its own. After their debut release, The Catalogue (a compilation of tracks PS laid down from 1999 to 2004), Pseudo Slang switched to full time. After being quickly signed to stalwart hip-hop label Fat Beats Records, Pseudo Slang released the single "Broke and Copasetic" in 2006. National and international tours followed, and the build towards their first complete studio release as a duo is almost at its apex: We'll Keep Looking is available now via Fat Beats Records.

Listen to the first single, "Broke & Copasetic" featuring Vinia Mojica -

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"Broke & Copasetic" feat. Vinia Mojica

"Yes Doubt"

"Chill Out $" feat. A.L. Third$_feat_AL_Third.mp3


"Walkin'" feat. Grap Luva

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