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spacer MP3: Hip-Hop Podcast Features Genre-Defying Mix. Surf Guitar Rap. Del's Funk-Hop. Northwest Rain Rap, And Desert Pimp-Hop 05.08.2009
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The Podcast:

Our 45th edition of the Iconocastic Podcast features an eclectic mix of tracks from established artists Del The Funky Homosapien and Musab as well as up and coming acts Tone Tank (Iller Than Theirs) and Portland's Sandpeople. Retro-soul outfit El Michels Affair rounds out the mix with another dusty yet classy cover of a Wu-Tang standard. Be sure to check out Tone Tank's innovative mix of surf guitar and hip-hop in his kitschy track, "King Of Surf Guitar Rap." Check the even better video, premiering on MySpace today:

Del The Funky Homosapien - "Straight From The Big Bad West Coast"
Tone Tank - "King Of Surf Guitar Rap"
El Michels Affair - "Glaciers Of Ice"
Sandpeople - "Strands"
Musab - "Get Life"

This is an enhanced podcast, which means that if you play it in iTunes, each song has album artwork and embedded weblinks to the artist’s MySpace page. You can skip from chapter to chapter too.

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