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Critical Praise for Diamond District:

"If Diamond District is any indication, DMV really does have what Oddisee refers to as 'the hottest edition of what you’ve been missing.'" -

"On 'Back To Basics,' the MCs liken themselves to the '93 version of De La Soul. While it's a bit too early to go that far, Diamond District comes close." -

"In the Ruff (Mello Music Group) recalls hip-hop from yesteryear (and sometimes Slum Village at their best), but remains quite forward thinking nonetheless... Simultaneously thoughtful and rugged, intelligent and funky, Diamond District have created an excellent album that will hopefully fly way above the radar as 2010 approaches." -

The Video:

Oddisee, of the celebrated group Diamond District, gives The Stand ( insight into the many facets of his life in interview. As an integral part of Oddisee's life, the rapper talks about the double meaning of his name setting the stage for his rhyming career from a young age and how his hometown of D.C. has shaped his music - hardcore hip-hop without the violence. However, this is one artist not to be restricted to a single genre. His love and passion for music keep tracks fresh as Oddisee prides himself on taking bits and pieces of many genres and incorporating them into his music. His motto, "Keep it fresh, keep it alive, and keep it relevant," has kept the emcee on the cutting edge of music without forgetting his hip-hop roots. Living in the political capital of the US has also shaped Oddisee as an activist, and has led him to constantly try to relay a message through his music. Oddisee closes the interview with, "You gotta stand for something or we'll fall for anything." With an excellent group effort in 2009 and an equally impressive solo project to kick off the new year, it's clear that Oddisee, at the very least, is standing up and being heard as a name to be recognized in music.

Oddisee's Traveling Man is available digitally via Mello Music Group.

The Stand Interview:

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Since producing and performing the hit track "Musik Lounge" for DJ Jazzy Jeff's Magnificent LP, Amir "Oddisee" Mohamed has pushed his involvement in the music industry into fifth gear. Taking advantage of working at A Touch of Jazz studios, Oddisee has incorporated the neo soul vibe of Philly into his eclectic and well-decorated resume. Coming from a diverse background, the half Sudanese, half African-American was blessed with musical talent from both sides of his family. Oddisee was influenced by the accomplished singers, guitarists, and poets on his Sudanese side, and on his American side, by the gospel singers, blue grass guitar players, and older cousins who gave him his first taste of hip-hop. Ironically, though, it was his Sudanese father that gave Oddisee the vinyl that fueled his passion for producing hip-hop music.

Since turning his focus towards hip-hop, Oddisee has worked with the likes of Gary Shider of Parliament and Funkadelic, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, J-Live, Little Brother, Freeway, Flying Lotus, and many other respected recording artists. Now signed with Mello Music Group, Oddisee continues to be one of the hardest working producer/emcees in hip-hop, preparing to release an instrumental project, a solo project, a second Diamond District album, full album production for Finale, Trek LIfe, and Stik Figa, and is executive producing a handful of other projects. With his incredibly distinctive and mesmerizing style, Oddisee covers just about every sect of hip-hop music, creating a sound that is appealing to all music lovers. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Oddisee and his "Low Budget" crew, including such hip hop artists and producers as Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, and his group Diamond District (XO and yU) have already managed to leave their mark on the hip-hop community and the D.C. metropolitan area.

About Mello Music Group:

Like Lao Tzu in hip-hop, Mello Music Group provides music for the soul, from the heart of American culture, opening the realm of the intelligent hip-hop experience through melodic evocations, beats that corroborate the truth, and voices that roar above the rising void and impose order on the terrible & triumphant moments of everyday life. This is the compelling sound of Mello Music Group. Industry newcomer Michael Tolle founded MMG in 2007 and is acting Director of Operations. MMG will be releasing projects from Oddisee, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kenn Starr, Finale, Trek Life, Dudley Perkins, Sareem Poems, and YU in 2010.


The Stand Interview:

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"San Fran":



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