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Critical Praise for Lightouts

"'The Eloise Suite' is a three-minute 120 Minutes jammer owing to some Berlin-era Bowie chime-rock—and it now comes with a music video that can be best described as 'Kubrick's 'Addicted To Love.'"
- Chris Weingarten, The Village Voice

"...a Gowanus-based duo that sounds a little like what JAMC might sound like with Robert Smith fronting. And if you listen real close, you’ll hear an honest to goodness guitar solo. Chain me down, Martha!."
My Old Kentucky Blog

"Lightouts is a throwback to the joyous, left-of-the-dial guitar rock of the bygone early Nineties."

- PrefixMag

The Song:

Lightouts, the Gowanus-based duo of singer/guitarist Greg Nelson & guitarist/songwriter Gavin Rhodes, kick off 2012 with their boisterously distorted guitars and amplified emotions pegged at 11 on their latest single "The Cure For Shyness." The song, which premiered yesterday on MTV Hive, comes backed with "The Official Ironmen Rally Song (the Guided by Voices approved cover)" as well as b-side "Deep Ends," a dancey number tinged with some wavy psychedelic touches.

This song opens with a deceptively slow building intro that crescendos into an all out rocker. "The Cure For Shyness" channels the melodic progressions of The Replacements with the vocal tenderness of Ian McCulloch, while managing to sound completely fresh and fitting right in alongside contemporaries like Yuck and Cloud Nothings. "The Cure For Shyness" also features live drumming, which is somewhat unusual for the duo. "One of the things we're most proud of is that fact that most people don't realize we're using a drum machine on our tracks. We've only used a live drummer one other time on our second single 'And It Comes And Goes.' I still composed the drum pattern myself for 'Cure', but having it played by a live drummer makes the song so much more dynamic than a drum machine," says Rhodes. The cut closes out with a gut-wrenching guitar solo, and the final product is a showcase of Lightouts beginning to fully realize their own sound.

Download and purchase "The Cure For Shyness" here:
Also check out the single on We Are Hunted.

For more information on Lightouts please contact Gavin or Chris at Audible Treats.

The Background:

Lightouts founder Gavin Rhodes started with a simple question: "Robert Smith/Emily Haines, where are you?" But this appeal to fans of The Cure and Metric didn't appear on Craigslist or in The Village Voice. The flyer was posted near the less-than-picturesque Gowanus Canal. Greg Nelson, a veteran of the NYC music scene, responded to the ad and the rest, as they say, is history. The pair exhibit a rare musical and stylistic cohesion: structured bass lines, waves of fuzzed out guitars and vaporous vocals put a new spin on the moody post-punk aesthetic of bands like Joy Division and Smashing Pumpkins circa Siamese Dream. A loosely linked concept album – Want, a meditation on what it means to follow our instincts – is in the works and in the months leading up to the unveiling of the album, the Gowanus duo is set to release a series of singles. With a tip of the hat to an analogue era in the not-so-distant past, each single will feature both an A-side and two B-sides allowing the band to offer up songs complemented by experimentation into deep-cut covers.


"The Cure For Shyness"

"The Official Ironmen Rally Song" (Guided by Voices cover)

"The Eloise Suite"

"Faces, Places"

"And It Comes And Goes" :

"Here It Comes" (Stone Roses Cover):

"See Clear":

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:

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