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The Video:

It's been a busy autumn for Jemez Mountain Hawkz, the indie-pop-meets-Americana supergroup who won over the hearts and ears of fans with their debut EP, Hey-Mez. Consisting of mastermind D. Lee Waggoner (Scared of Chaka), Dave Hernandez (The Shins), guitarist Ian Moore, Drew Church (Little Cuts), and Steven Barci (Chasers), JMH released their single, "California Bound," with a premiere from Paste Magazine a couple weeks back. And recently, D. Lee performed a live acoustic version of the song on KCET's Los Angeles-based television show ArtBound, which he is now sharing with the rest of the country today.

KCET, the nation's largest independent public television station, invited D. Lee to close one of the latest episodes of ArtBound, the station's arts and culture program that explores the diverse artistic landscapes of Southern and Central California. In ArtBound's third episode, they invited D. Lee to close the show with a beautiful black and white solo performance, filmed in the style of William Shatner's famed live rendition of "Rocket Man." D. Lee describes the song as being about, "leaving the comfort and confines of your home town, and following your dreams even if it means leaving everyone and everything you know behind," which reflects his own personal journey of venturing out to LA to pursue his music career.

Watch D. Lee Lee’s live performance of "California Bound" here:

Listen to the original version of "California Bound" here:

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Listen to the rest of Jemez Mountain Hawkz's Hey-Mez EP here:

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The Background:

The eventual pairing started innocently enough: Ian Moore inviting Dameon Lee Waggoner (Scared of Chaka) to cut some tracks at his studio. Enter recent Shins alum Dave Hernandez on lead guitar, bassist Drew Church (Little Cuts) and drummer Steven Barci (Chasers), and you have: Jemez Mountain Hawkz ("J" pronounced as "H") by way of LA and New Mexico. The Hawkz manage to combine the intangibles that turned the Summer of Love into a timeless sonic imprint that echoes in the hearts and minds of anyone who's ever left their cares behind in favor of an FM radio and an unknown Western destination.


"California Bound" (KCET TV Performance):

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"California Bound":


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