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spacer J*DaVeY Announce 11/22 Release Date For Upcoming Album, New Designer Drug 11.09.2011
spacer #NDD Marks The Genre-bending Duo’s First Full-Length Studio Album In Nearly Four Years spacer

Critical Praise for J*Davey:

"This Los Angeles duo specializes in baby-making music for 22nd century robots." - SPIN

"LA's most funkdafied and fashionable fusionists" - LA Weekly (cover story for their annual Beautiful People issue 2011)

"J*Davey showcases a diverse sound that comes approved by the likes of ?uestlove and even earned them a spot opening for Prince." -

(November 8, 2011 - Brooklyn, NY) Los Angeles based duo J*DaVeY is excited to announce that they will release their long-promised album, New Designer Drug on November 22nd. Consisting mostly of material meant to be released through Warner Bros, the album will be released through their imprint, ILLAV8R, on iTunes for $2.99 as a free component to their diary-like digital booklet titled, New Designer Drug: The Liner Notes. The Liner Notes will feature lyrics, exclusive tour photos and the story behind NDD with foreword by LA Weekly's Rebecca Haithcoat.

Since meeting each other at Jack’s high school prom at Immaculate Heart High School in LA in 1999, Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau have been inseparable, much to their former label’s chagrin. And although their signing to Warner Bros in 2007 gave them the financial means to recruit a heavyweight team in the studio and high hopes for an illustrious release, for the past four years, the two have been slowly building a cult following without much outside help. Plagued by these familiar words spoken in record company conference rooms across the country, “You’re music is good and ambitious but there’s still nothing for the radio,” Jack and Brook turned to their own small personal team to get the music they knew the fans wouldn’t reject, out by any means necessary.

Over the next few years, Jack and Brook would occasionally go rogue and release bits of free music in the form of their The Great Mistapes EP series, including Evil Christian Cop and Boudoir Synema. Wanting to showcase their self-leaked music directly to fans, the two went on numerous small tours around the world, and have been lucky enough to share the stage with fellow creatives Prince, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, The Roots, Jay-Z, SA-RA, and more. The response was irrefutable and corroborated what they knew all along: they were on the right track. After many ill-fated attempts to capture the magic Warner Bros demanded of them, Jack and Brook saw an opportunity to get out. So they did. And took their music with them.

The full story behind Jack and Brook’s guerilla-style release of New Designer Drug, plus the mp3’s, will be made available as part of the accompanying digital booklet that includes lyrics, pictures, and insight as to why J*DaVeY fans have had to wait almost four years to hear this album. Poetic, insightful, and wrenchingly honest, The Liner Notes blooklet reflects the duo’s undying dedication to each other, their craft, and their fans.

As a small token of thanks to fans who have stuck with them and for the new fans who have become part of the J*Davey Navey along the way, the duo are offering a sneak peek at what’s to come November 22nd with a double video feature for the songs “Whatchalookin@?,” about a bratty distain for social media, and “Kill 4 Fun,” a rambunctious, playful ditty about taking no prisoners, which pretty much explains it all.

Watch the video for "Whatchalookin@? / Kill 4 Fun" here:

Another single from NDD, "Queen of Wonderland" featuring Thundercat, is also being released today. Recently, J*DaVeY performed the song live at Red Bull Studio in London and recorded it as an exclusive video for British alt-urban music blog PinBoard. Check out the peformance of "Queen of Wonderland" here:

Here is the link to purchase the song on iTunes (please post buy links):

For more information on J*DaVeY please contact Michelle or Dan at Audible Treats.

The Background:

J*DaVeY, a duo consisting of female vocalist Jack Davey and male producer Brook D'Leau, fuses the past, present, and future, creating a sound that is never stagnant and always difficult to pigeonhole. After releasing The Beauty In Distortion and The Land Of The Lost double EP in 2008, being featured everywhere from The Fader to Allure to CSI: New York, and performing with the likes of The Roots and Prince, J*DaVeY are continuously building on their already deafening buzz. So far this year, the duo have released two free EP’s, Evil Christian Cop and Boudoir Synema, as part of The Great Mistapes series, launched a their new label imprint, The ILLAV8R, and toured the US and Europe. Now, they are finally ready to release their first full-length album, New Designer Drug. Featuring the guest production efforts of ?uestlove of The Roots, Greg Wells, and Khari Farrai, NDD will be released as part of a digital booklet and will be available on November 22nd for $2.99 on iTunes.


"Whatchalookin@? / Kill 4 Fun":

"Queen of Wonderland" (PinBoard Performance):

Evil Christian Cop EP:

"Smells Like Teen Spirit":

"Outta The Window" Video:

"Get Together" Video:

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:


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