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spacer MP3: iLL-Literacy - "The HereNow" Feat. Passion 10.15.2009
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The Song:

iLL-Literacy, a trio comprised of emcees Drizzleton, Dahlak, and Nico, is back at it with the second single off the forthcoming, IB4the1.1 (pronounced I Before The 1, Chapter 1). The new single is titled "The HereNow," and offers iLL-Literacy's take on their collective belief that "we are all logged into a grand social network known as the HereNow. It is the central hub where our avatar souls bend time in hopes to save the day, and where our common date with destiny is to avoid becoming dated."

The track starts off mellow – soul samples, melodic keys, and layered instrumentation pulling the listener in on their journey as heavy drums, 808 snares, and subwoofer-rattling bass welcome in Passion's soulful delivery of the songs hook, singing, "'Cause there's nowhere else to be besides the HereNow, 'cause we're here now/ So why don't you just listen close and hear now, and come here now." Some chopped and screwed flavor is added to the track alongside a range of strings, offering a center-point and balance to the track's musical elements. The track touches on a range of issues, ending with he final verse speaking pointedly on materialism and how it alters the way people live their lives.

For all you iPod listeners out there, this special version of "The HereNow" mp3 offers a little something extra as you listen: When you play the song in your iPod, the song's lyrics scan across the screen. What better way to fully immerse yourself in the wonderfully eccentric world of iLL-Literacy. Be on the look out for the debut chapter, IB4the1.1, from iLL-Literacy, which will be available late fall 2009.

Listen to the track here:

The Background:

For musicians today, a record deal can be like a used car; it might get you from point A to point B, but most likely the salesman took your money and poured sawdust in the transmission. Fortunately, while the industry is gridlocked in filesharing, the members of iLL-Literacy can teleport. And by teleport, they mean "make music that would inspire passionate love with a Silverback gorilla... if it was socially acceptable." Enter the world of digitiLL funk - an ever-expanding sonic universe piecemealed together by the ever-shrinking attention span of Oakland trio iLL-Literacy. Members Dahlak, Drizzletron, and N.I.C have known each other since birth, and since then have been mutating words and sounds, invading concert halls, off-Broadway stages, and college arenas throughout North America and Europe and infiltrating networks from HBO, MTV and beyond. Toggling between daydream and full-blown hallucination, the result is iLL-Literacy’s first record, iB4the1 ("I Before The One"). Colliding influences from afrobeat and hip-hop as much as Plato and X-Men, their freshman effort plays more like the soundtrack for a never-ending shroom-trip than a standard rap album. It pays homage to a wide range of inspirations, while constantly reaching for the new. From a record that is political in scope but never heavy-handed to an intersecting live show that can boast life-size Lego-men, iLL-Literacy is both a product of its time, and a defining feature. IB4the1.1 will be available late fall 2009

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"The HereNow" Feat. Passion":

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