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spacer MP3: God-Des & She: "Get Your Bike" 12.11.2009
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Critical Praise for God-Des & She:

"Most people trying to foray into the hip-hop world try to conform to the stereotypes... For God-Des and She, by bucking the standard, they created their own. In other words, while most aspiring rappers try to set the bar, God-Des and She ARE the bar." - GO NYC Magazine

The Song:

The genre-bending duo God-Des & She have accomplished a simple sounding but incredibly difficult feat. They've crafted a truly indelible pop hook, and it's featured on "Get your Bike," the latest from their new album Three.

"Get Your Bike," a ridiculously sunny slice of quasi-indie pop, is a testament to G&S's range; its cutting edge sound is near impossible to define. Combining inspirational lyrics, a lighthearted feel, and the aforementioned hook, "Get Your Bike" demonstrates once again God-Des & She's ability to continually push the boundaries of classification. For a group primarily known for their hip-hop skills, it is fairly staggering to hear how comfortable they are writing and performing radio-ready pop.

As with many of the best pop songs, the message is simple. She says "I guess we wrote the song to help people remember what its like to be a kid and ride your bike for no reason at all- to be present in your life and choose happiness." If the song's liberating vibe really resonates with you, perhaps you should go see the duo live. "We actually give away a free CD to whoever lets the little kid inside out the most at our shows. I mean, who else but God-des & She would have kazoo's on a hip-hop pop song?"

God-des & She's appropriately titled third album Three was produced by Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy fame and is the next solid step forward as the unique duo embark on their journey to cross over from their substantial underground success and into the mainstream. Three is available nowvia G&S Records.

"Get Your Bike":

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The Background:

A hip-hop/pop/soul duo bred in the Midwest, God-Des & She play to packed venues all over the world, from Lacrosse, Wisconsin, to Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since they appeared on Showtime's The L Word four years ago, performing their infamous single "Lick It," the pair haven't had a moment's rest, selling over 30,000 albums, and holding down the #1 song spot on MTV LOGO with their song "Love You Better." God-Des & She's new album, Three, is available nowvia G&S Records.

"Get Your Bike":

"Love Machine":

"Radio Up":

"Respect My Fresh":

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