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spacer MP3: Full |REBEL| Jacket - "Purple Lights" Ft. B.J. The Chicago Kid 07.20.2012
spacer The REBEL EP Scheduled For September 3 Release; Second Single Features Fast Rising Singer spacer

The Song:

Last week, Phoenix, Arizona - by way of Dallas, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska - duo Full |REBEL| Jacket released the video for "Stray Bullet," a song that features Dungeon Family legend Big Rube. The song serves as the lead single from their forthcoming free EP, the REBEL EP, which will be released on September 3rd, and today G and Q are excited to release the album's latest single, "Purple Lights," which features up-and-coming crooner B.J. The Chicago Kid.

For Full |REBEL| Jacket, they were inspired to write the song as testament to motivation - both as a document of where they've been and also a statement of purpose for all those striving for something more. "I was thinking about reaching the goals we'd set for ourselves," recalls Q of what inspired his writing process. "We wanted to create a powerful record," adds G, "that people can play when they accomplish something."

The song, as with all of the REBEL EP, is self-produced by Q and G, and while the group is very much a self-contained unit, just as with "Stray Bullet," Full |REBEL| Jacket felt that a third voice was just what they needed to round out the track. They reached out to B.J. The Chicago Kid, who delivers a haunting, urgent chorus, as he sings, "You never know what's gonna happen next/ So you know you gotta be ready/ Even when the ground shake/ Hold the wheel tight, strong, and steady/ The objective is to keep from going under/ And when you realize that you're okay/ That's when you fly away."

Download "Purple Lights" here:

DJBooth premiered the song, and more info can be found here:

In case you missed it, watch the video for "Stray Bullet" Ft. Big Rube: http://

Please contact Michelle or Dan if interested in talking with Full |REBEL| Jacket.

The Background:

Like Big Boi and André 3000, Pimp C and Bun B, Full |REBEL| Jacket is proof that when it comes to hip-hop, opposites attract. Formed in 2009 after a parking lot freestyle revealed that the two differing-skilled rappers had a chemistry, the duo of G, a Dallas, Texas native and rhyme partner Q, an Alaskan transplant, released their first two mixtapes under the name American Negro before reconfiguring themselves as Full |REBEL| Jacket during the making of their 2010 Loose Leaf series, a weekly installment of recorded freestyles the two compiled into a release. Packed with a moniker that fit the duo's mysterious aesthetic and inventive voice, Full |REBEL| Jacket began work on this year's the REBEL EP, the first project to find G and Q contributing their own beats and instrumentation to each track, and the result is Full |REBEL| Jacket's most concise and powerful project yet. The free EP, which includes features from Big Rube, BJ The Chicago Kid, Nikkiya, Chalie Boy, and more, will be released September 3rd.


"Purple Lights" Ft. B.J. The Chicago Kid

"Stray Bullet" Ft. Big Rube

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:




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