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The Song:

"Find what you love on the playground hustle." That's the central theme to The Freeze Tag's lead single, "The Hustle," and it's easier said than done. The Freeze Tag, comprised of L.A. producer Cassettes Won't Listen and Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith, are releasing the "The Hustle" as the lead single from their debut EP, Hamster Kid, a concept project that revolves around a young antihero named Hamster Kid and his journey through life's trials and society's tribulations. To bring the concept to life, CWL and Bisco tapped street artist Bishop 203 and director Mike Vidoli to create an animated music video for each song on Hamster Kid, which will be released through The Freeze Tag's label, Daylight Curfew, on ,May 3, 2011.

As the first song on The Freeze Tag's record, "The Hustle" incorporates pieces of the other songs on the album, and acts as a rough sketch of the situations Hamster Kid has to contend with along his journey. Each song's concept is illustrated within the video for "The Hustle", with corresponding video stills that can be seen on The Freeze Tag's website. While CWL's guitar-laced production wavers between ominous and inspirational, Bisco flows steadily over the beat with allegorical lyrics. Haunted by voices, thrown into schoolyard scuffles, witness to the world's ugliness, and ultimately misunderstood, the everyman's underdog is in a constant struggle to find peace within himself on the "playground hustle."

The Freeze Tag's Hamster Kid will be released May 3, 2011 via Daylight Curfew.

Download "The Hustle" here:

Watch the video for "The Hustle" here:

Please contact Michelle or Dan if interested in talking with Freeze Tag.

The Background:

The Freeze Tag's Hamster Kid is an animated musical collaboration between Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith Los Angeles producer Cassettes Won't Listen, brought to life visually with the help of world-renowned street artist Bishop 203, and director Mike Vidoli. The group formed in summer 2010 while Bisco was visiting CWL's studio in Los Angeles, and a week long collaboration ensued. The studio doors opened and out came a true five-track concept EP revolving around the story's central character, Hamster Kid, the everyman's underdog, who fights to stay true to himself while overcoming pressures from peers, naysayers, and society at large. Each song from the EP is accompanied by a video, and producers Echoes Alike, Turnbull Green, J.Vegas, and Devang Shah, also contributed a series of remixes to the EP. Hamster Kid will be released May 3, 2011 through The Freeze Tag's collective label, Daylight Curfew.


"The Voices":

"The Hustle":

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