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spacer MP3: Fly Gypsy - "You" feat. Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira 11.19.2009
spacer Fly Gypsy Releases Soulful Second Single Off Upcoming Change For A Dollar EP spacer

The Song:

Fly Gypsy's track record for quality music over the past few months hasn't failed to impress and their newest release, "You" feat. Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira, is as strong as ever. The track, the second single off their forthcoming Change For A Dollar EP is a departure from the upbeat sound that encapsulated the duo's first single, "2 Step," with producer Alexei Jendayi laying a more mellow instrumental for Kowboy Kom's vivid imagery. Lines like, "Close your eyes, let me describe for you a beautiful place/ Just use your mind and through the rhyme me and you can escape / The palm trees blue skies, it's a beautiful day" illustrate Kom's lyricism and ability with words. Not to be lost in the shuffle, the layers built around Kom's vocals are just as poignant - Alexei's production, a perfect blend of strings, horns, and percussion, builds initial emotion, while Tattiana's sultry voice captures the essence of the song as the chorus arrives.

Speaking on the writing process for "You", Kom says, "This was a rare instance of love at first 'write.' I knew this song was gonna be dope when I finished the first line. The imagery in each line flows together to create a vivid and sometimes abstract movie. When I heard the track I was convinced that we had something really special on our hands." Alexei, in charge of the production side of things chimed in with, "'You' almost didn’t happen. I thought the track was too pretty for the Fly Gypsy sound, but honestly I didn't fall in love with the song until I heard it on a beach in Jamaica when we were shooting the video for it." With that being said, be on the lookout for the video for "You" which will be dropping soon. The video for the song was filmed in Jamaica by award winning director Ras Kassa, recognized for his work with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Damian Marley and Willie Nelson.

The Change For A Dollar EP will be available December 1, 2009 via Fly Gypsy Music.

"You" feat. Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira:
Watch The Behind The Scenes Trailer For "You":

The Background:

The much talked-about hip-hop duo Fly Gypsy made its first splash in late 2008 with an election-themed single that introduced the duo's energetic, guitar-driven sound to music fans around the world. The group formally launched in July 2009, with the release of the summertime single "You." The video for the single was shot in Jamaica by Ras Kassa (acclaimed for his work with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and Damian Marley). Founded by the Russian-born producer and songwriter, Alexei Jendayi, and the Jamaican-born emcee, Kowboy Kom, Fly Gypsy has become an instant favorite among fans, developing a growing following thanks to its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and polished image. Music critics, meanwhile, have praised the Washington, D.C.-based duo for their ability to attract commercial appeal without compromising their musicianship or message, comparing the duo to the Fugees, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. The group's latest work, Change For A Dollar EP, will be available December 1, 2009 via Fly Gypsy Music.

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"You" feat. Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira":

The Behind The Scenes Trailer For "You":

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