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Critical Praise for The Doppelgangaz:

"The Doppelgangaz are not horrorcore, but they're making dark music, and... they even have that RZA-esque pained growl popping up a few times. - The Fader

"The Doppelgangaz mix innovative, off kilter production with irreverent, sometimes hilarious rhymes." - HipHopDX

The Video:

The Doppegangaz are fresh off their 12-date European tour in support of their recently released album, HARK. Last month, they released live footage from the tour's kickoff in Berlin, Germany, and today, they have released more footage, this time, from the tour's bittersweet finale, which took place in Leipzig, Germany. The video includes performance footage with the Doppelgangaz as well as footage of the duo hanging out with fans backstage. It also gives fans that didn't get the chance to catch the tour the opportunity to check out what the Dopps live experience is all about - stage dives, black cloaks, and hard-hitting beats.

To accompany the performane clip, the Doppelgangaz are also releasing the latest single from HARK, "Barbiturates," with a video for the track planned to follow next week. The song features EP and Matter Ov Fact trading verses over a smooth combination of soulful vocal samples layered over piano & bass tracks, rapping about the practice of "self-medicating" and the resulting depravity. EP raps, "Quick, pop six quaaludes and barbiturates/ Yo, hit the strip with illicit checks/ Trying to flex, roll up on a trick to solicit sex." Matter Ov Fact took a lighthearted approach to discussing the song: "We wanted to give a little advice and kick a little knowledge to the people, you know? Some of it may land you in jail but most will guide you down a road of happiness."

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The Background:

The Doppelgangaz, comprised of rapper/producers and childhood friends Matter Ov Fact and EP, are a standard bearer for the re-emergent New York hip-hop scene. Independently, through the duo's own label, Groggy Pack Entertainment, The Doppelgangaz had something of a breakout in 2011 and 2012, a run that included the release of their album, in addition to a string of instrumental projects and EP releases. Together, these releases have opened up The Doppelgangaz to a legion of loyal grassroots fans – The Doppelgangaz have over one million YouTube channel views; they've toured Europe extensively and are headed back for a headline tour this spring; they reached number one on HHV's Top 100 list, Europe's top vinyl retailer - and they've done it all independently. Now, with plans for a European headline tour this spring, The Doppelgangaz have announced their new album, HARK, which was released March 12, 2013.



Live From Leipzig, Germany

Live From Berlin, Germany

"Skin Yarmulke"

"Oh Well"

"Hark Back"

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