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spacer Video: D-Lo - "No Hoe" Remix Feat. E-40, Beeda Weeda & The Jacka 01.25.2010
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The Video:

Perhaps no song or artist better portrayed the effects of a grass roots, organic rise into the public's consciousness in 2009 better than the Bay Area's very own D-Lo and his remarkably infectious "No Hoe." Continuing to bully its way into the new year, the official single has been followed by a bevy of remixes, including tracks featuring Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, and more. Among the bonanza was a remix featuring the Ambassador of the Bay E-40, Beeda Weeda, and The Jacka (mp3 below). Now D-Lo and label ClearBeat have finally delivered the long-awaited remix video. Kicking things off with shots of each of the rappers coinciding with each of the song's initial deep bass hits, the foursome quickly get things started, seemingly crashing a pretentious fashion show filled with beautiful women and booze – you know, all the essentials for a proper party. With split screen and transition effects along the way, in addition to a constant exchange of flashes between black and white and color imaging, the video manages a certain sort of surrealism, both dynamic and eye-catching. As D-Lo continues the preparation of his official solo debut for later this year, Mr. No Hoe continues to provide the goods.

D-Lo - "No Hoe" Remix Featuring E-40, Beeda Weeda, and The Jacka:

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The Background:

Two years ago, brothers D-Lo and Sleepy D were making music in the basement of their mother's Modesto, CA home. After much time spent honing their craft towards the Bay Area scene they were surrounded by, D-Lo completed "No Hoe," a to-be mega-hit. With MySpace as his main form of distribution, D-Lo got the word out on his hyphy concoction. After being picked up by a small independent label called PTB (Pushing the Beat), D-Lo finally got "No Hoe" released as a single. Two weeks later, he was imprisoned. But not having D-Lo on the streets didn’t slow the spread of his single, as "No Hoe" took Bay Area radio by storm. The track blew up and is arguably the new anthem of the Bay Area scene. D-Lo's "No Hoe" has since been released on a Clear Label Records compilation produced by DJ Fresh and The Whole Shabang entitled The Tonite Show with D-Lo.

About Clear Label Records:

Founded in Oakland, CA in 1999, Clear Label Records has established itself as one of the top independent labels in the Bay Area. The company is owned and operated by Tajai Massey, renowned recording artist with the group Souls of Mischief and the crew Hieroglyphics, who brings a unique perspective to the label utilizing his experiences as a major-label recording artist turned independent label owner & successful touring musician. Clear Label is home to recording artists of many genres such as Chris Marsol, Baby Jaymes, FamSyrk, Deep Rooted, League510, and more. Through a partnership with Pushing the Beat (PTB) called ClearBeat, the label is also home to Oakland’s hottest street artists including Beeda Weeda, Shady Nate, D-Lo, Sleepy D and others. Look for full-length releases from all of these artists in the near future.  For more information, please visit


"No Hoe" Remix feat. E-40, Beeda Weeda & The Jacka:

"No Hoe" Remix feat. Snoop Dogg:

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The Case of Rick Ross' Missing Chain:

"No Squares" (Featuring Beeda Weeda & Hongry):

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"Coppers" feat. Sleepy D:
"No Hoe":

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