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spacer MP3: D-Lo - "No Hoe" 07.28.2009
spacer Oakland's D-Lo Drops Debut Single, Becomes Bay Area Hit, Gets Remix Treatment From Too $hort, E-40, Snoop Dog spacer

The Song:

The Bay Area's latest sensation is a brand new artist on an independent label, who is sporting his first single with little backing him up. The song has blown up all over the Bay and is receiving an incredible amount of radio play. The track is "No Hoe" by newcomer D-Lo. The popularity of "No Hoe" quickly spread beyond Oakland, and made its way up and down the entire West Coast. Left coast veterans Too $hort, E-40, and even Snoop Dogg have created remixes of the hit. Ultra-low bass and handclaps constitute the heavy beat, and sparse synth stabs may remind some of The Pack's breakout hit of 2006, "Vans." Mix in the inventive up-tempo bark of D-Lo's voice, and the track is an instant Bay Area classic. "No Hoe" is available online, and on the Clear Label Records (run by Tajai of Souls of Mischief & Hieroglyphics fame) compilation The Tonite Show with D-Lo.

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The Background:

Two years ago, brothers D-Lo and Sleepy D were making music in the basement of their mother's Modesto, CA home. After much time spent honing their craft towards the Bay Area scene they were surrounded by, D-Lo completed "No Hoe," a to-be mega-hit. With MySpace as his main form of distribution, D-Lo got the word out on his hyphy concoction. After being picked up by a small independent label called PTB (Pushing the Beat), D-Lo finally got "No Hoe" released as a single. Two weeks later, he was imprisoned. But not having D-Lo on the streets didn’t slow the spread of his single, as "No Hoe" took Bay Area radio by storm. The track blew up and is arguably the new anthem of the Bay Area scene. D-Lo's "No Hoe" has since been released on a Clear Label Records compilation produced by DJ Fresh and The Whole Shabang entitled The Tonite Show with D-Lo.

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D-Lo - "No Hoe":

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