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spacer MP3: Declaime - "Declaime MC" Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow + Album Release 05.04.2010
spacer Dudley "Declaime" Perkins Leaks Single, "Declaime MC" To Celebrate Album Release spacer

The Song:

After a couple pre-album goodies, Declaime is back with another leak off his album, FONK, in celebration of today's release date. "Declaime MC," his latest track, stays true to the artist's eclectic style starting with a sporadic and bizarre intro, ironically featuring cowbell, and finally leading to all pieces falling together as Declaime enters, "Now let me reintroduce myself to the game / What's your name? Declaime / It's all the same, same, can't complain / Still the same old dude / Still no fortune, still no fame." A jazz piano melody compliments Declaime's naturally distorted voice and tapers off to make way for an eerie hook and chorus featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow preaching, "Limited time here on Earth / Is so precious indeed / We need to stop eliminating folks and make it happen / Cuz they lackin' while we're trapped / Doing bad deeds for thieves." With wobbling synth lines, courtesy of Quazedelik who handled production duties for the entire album and prior credits include George Clinton and Snoop Dogg, coming and going, "Declaime MC" urges fans to keep holding on and always project the happiness you wish to feel inside.

Declaime's FONK is available today as the first release off Georgia Anne Muldrow and Declaime's new label, SomeOthaShip Connect.

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The Background:

In a world obsessed with immature desires a man in his rarest form must rise and stir against the tide of conformity. Heeding the call is Declaime, an incredible artist talent hailing from Oxnard, California. The visionary poet first amazed his family with his musical aptitude at age two, and with no father figure in sight, started a lifelong fascination with superheroes at an early age. Experiences with gang life left Declaime disillusioned, and he emerged a transformed man ready to begin a mission of enlightenment through the power of sound. The producer/emcee/visual artist began his journey on a track with Tha Alkaholiks, and he went on to work on with Lootpack, Oh No and KanKick to name a few. Declaime has been prolific in bringing metaphysical hip-hop into being for the masses, previously releasing Illmindmusik, Andsoitissaid, Mad Men On Arrival, A Lil' Light, Conversations With Dudley, The Dank And Jammy Show, Expressions 2012 A. U., Beautiful Minds, The Message Uni Versa, Holy Smokes, and SomeOthaShip. His latest album FONK is available now via Declaime's own label imprint SomeOthaShip Connect.

For more information on Declaime please contact Michelle or Dan at Audible Treats.

"Declaime MC":



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