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The Video:

Philadelphia-based rapper Curly Castro released his debut album FIDEL on Man Bites Dog Records last month and with footage from the record release party at Kung Fu Necktie, he made this live video for "Cocaine Blues." It's a creative re-imagining of the Johnny Cash classic- updated and adjusted to reflect current times with Curly as the central figure. The video was premiered by HipHopDX this past weekend, and shows Curly's signature style of making lyrical changes to familiar stories, something also expressed in FIDEL through the track "Coal."

Watch the video for "Cocaine Blues" here:

See the HipHopDX premiere here:

Download FIDEL here:

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Curly Castro Background:

Curly Castro is a charismatic Brooklyn native who has called Philadelphia home for over a decade. He recently released his solo debut album, FIDEL on February 19th, 2013. The album pays respects to Bobby Seale and W.E.B. DuBois in some places, before lambasting Al Jolson and Ronald Reagan, all the while influenced by musicians ranging from Boot Camp Clik to Johnny Cash. "Some people name-drop cars, others name-drop books; I name-drop Black icons – everyday people that you should know," admits Curly of his cause. FIDEL contains songs that provide actual facts missing in a lot of today’s verses, without losing a sense of escapism and entertainment.


"Cocaine Blues"


"They Call Me Castro"


"My Beloved"

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