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spacer Video: Chalie Boy - "I Look Good" 10.20.2009
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The Video:

Chalie Boy's smash single "I Look Good" has already built a national presence for itself, showing up on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and gracing the entire country with its upbeat vibe. This track is now re-introducing itself with an all-new music video. This video can be summed up in two words: cars and girls, which keeps in line with the lighthearted, upbeat vibe of the track. As Chalie Boy rolls through his town in a decked out set of wheels, shouting the track's indelible hook, "I look fly, I look good!" girls wearing short dresses and high heels crowd around his low-rider and dance along, truly epitomizing what a southern hip-hop video is meant to be.


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The Background:

Raised in Calvert, Texas, Chalie Boy’s musical tastes were shaped by various influences. Exposed at an early age to blues artists like Bobby Bland, B.B. King, and Johnny Taylor, he also gravitated toward the sounds of Run-DMC, Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and fellow Texas legends, UGK. Signed to local label Dirty 3rd Records, Chalie Boy recorded the feel good song “I Look Good” in March and the video recently wrapped shooting in Houston, TX. The single is now available on iTunes, as well as on all major digital providers.

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"I Look Good":

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