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spacer MP3: BLKHRTS - "Bloodlines" 03.21.2013
spacer Critically Acclaimed Denver Rap Trio Releases New Single Anticipating New EP spacer

The Song:

Denver's first critically acclaimed rap group BLKHRTS is dropping the single "Bloodlines". On the tail of single track "BRK T M (Bark At Me)", released last month, this is one more crumb on the trail to the Love is Thicker Than Blood EP which will arrive this spring or summer. After that, the full length debut JZBL JNKNS, produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek and released through indy label ORG Music, will be out this fall. BLKHRTS is a dark goth rap trio composed of Yorrisey, King F.O.E. and Karma The Voice.

The latest track "Bloodlines" is a heavy horrorshow of big production and samples from "Be Forewarned" by 70's group Pentagram. "I wanted to make something that was very excitable and hard," explains founder and producer Yorrisey. The track's feverish energy, he continues, was achieved by, "the engineer, Evan Reeves, settting three mics in the same room and where we essentially recorded the whole song simultaneously, and for the most part, live." Fitting, considering that the song deals with the "Gang" mentality Yorrisey sees as primal to all cultures- "you can see it's traces in all of society's institutions, from religion, to the government, the judicial system even family life." Tackling complex themes in complex ways is a hallmark of the trio with a wide range of influences and the grit to match with lines like Yorrisey's "My first song was a murder ballad." Take a listen.

Please contact Michelle or Dan if interested in talking with BLKHRTS.

The Background:


"You Only You" ft. Chez Strong

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