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spacer MP3: Yorrissey Abraham (of BLKHRTS) - "You Only You" Ft. Chez Strong 08.20.2012
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The Song:

Approximately a year ago, rapper/producer Yonnas Abraham, who, along with King F.O.E. and Karma The Voice, makes up the Denver-based goth rap trio BLKHRTS, told the LA Times that his hip-hop collective, BLKHRTS, would be working on a multi-media project exploring themes of sex, drugs, violence, money and death. As it turned out, 2011 did prove to be a bit of a breakout year for BLKHRTS, with the group's BLK S BTFL EP hailed by Pitchfork ("Listening to BLK S BTFL feels like riding a roller coaster in the dark: violent, dramatic, and with many unexpected turns."), and making the site's end-of-year Overlooked Mixtapes column.

Since then, BLKHRTS have stayed busy touring and working on new projects to be released in the coming months, and just earlier this week, Yonnas worked with Heems to produce the Das Racist rapper's latest single, "Killing Time." Today, Yonnas is releasing a new song of his own, "You Only You."

"You Only You," which features a hook from close friend and longtime collaborator Chez Strong, deals with, says Yonnas, (some maybe less than expected) notions of sex - but from a female's point of view. "The song was inspired by a series of conversations I had with a few female friends of mine," explains Yonnas. "In those conversations, one of those friends told me, 'I can't dance to love songs, they have to be about sex.' And that always stuck with me."

Download "You Only You" ft. Chez Strong here:

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"You Only You" ft. Chez Strong

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