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spacer MP3: Big Pooh - "They Say" Ft. Choklate 10.11.2011
spacer With November 1st Release For Dirty Pretty Things Approaching, Pooh Lets Loose New Single spacer

The Song:

The other week, Big Pooh announced the forthcoming release of Dirty Pretty Things, and now, with the November 1st release date fast approaching for the North Carolina spitter's long-awaited sophomore solo LP, Big Pooh is excited to release the brand new single, "They Say."

The song, produced by Kuddie Fresh and featuring R&B chanteuse Choklate on the hook, kicks things off with an innately west coast-vibe; a mix of staccato strings, heavy bass, vocal chops, and synths create a fittingly raw backdrop for Pooh's aggressive raps as he rebukes naysayers and shakes off hanger-on's. "Get it done anyway/ Fuck what them people say/ As we look around, notice who ain't with me here today," raps Pooh, before exclaiming, "My circle getting small, my legend growing bigger/ And I'm yet to reach my apex, go figure/ All the respect that I've accumulated/ You could times that by 10 and it's understated."

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The Background:

Rapper Big Pooh, former member of the highly respected and recently disbanded group Little Brother, has seen how much hip-hop and the business of music has changed over the years. He has ridden the music industry roller coaster since 2003, from receiving critical acclaim as indie darlings with Little Brother, to getting a taste of major label politics when they signed with Atlantic Records, to amicably leaving the group and recording his debut solo album, Sleepers. With his newest solo project, Dirty Pretty Things, via his own For Members Only label, Pooh strips away the smoke and mirrors and gives it to you raw. On the opening track, "Interdependent," Pooh touches on central themes that haunt the album, such as his uncertainty of what the future holds. Other songs find Pooh stunting about making money as an indie artist, not despite it, trying to do right by his lady, aspiring to be free in order to have choices in life, and chronicling the high stakes of street life. Dirty Pretty Things will be available for purchase November 1st.


"They Say" feat. Chokolate

"Medicine Man"

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