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The EP & Video:

To cover art says it all: Adios, Ciao, Keep In Touch; though one feels that "Say it Ain't So" would have been appropriate, as well. Bay Area indie rock staple Actionslacks have announced the release of their final work after 16 years together as a band. Among the group's loyal list of fans are legendary rock critic Dave Marsh and Death Cab For Cutie, who cite Actionslacks as an influence.

Actionslacks, a self-titled, 6-track EP, will be the group's final album as they've decided to part amicably to pursue other ventures. One of the original Bay Area Noise Pop bands (they've played the storied festival 4 times), the group has released a long list of recorded works on such labels as Skene!, The Arena Rock Recording Company and The Self-Starter Foundation, as well as performed hundreds of shows and logged thousand of miles on the road.

The EP is a strong finishing point, managing to encompass a decade and a half of Actionslacks' guitar driven indie rock in a span of just 24 minutes. With a wealth of influences informing their music, the band's sound has always been hard for both fans and critics to pin down. Some of the acts they've been compared to include Superchunk, Wheat, Sloan, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices, The Kinks, REM, Jawbreaker, and "Peter Murphy fronting Cheap Trick".

For the recording of this final EP, the band enlisted the production skills of longtime friend and collaborator J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines) and prolific studio-pro (and ex-Failure frontman) Ken Andrews (Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jimmy Eat World) to mix and master the project. With 6 tracks, veering from the epic "Make My Day" to the anthemic "Helen Of Troy," to the barn-burning "Why'd I Ever Set My Sights On You?", Actionslacks is a perfect representation of the band's musical breadth and journey, and a fitting end to what they describe as a "modest but meaningful contribution to the Continuum Of Rock.". The EP is available now via Eenie Meenie Miney Music both digitally and on CD.

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