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spacer MP3: Ace Reporter – "Lean Honey Lean (Swingset Committee remix)" + NYC Show This Thursday 04.21.2011
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The Song:

Ace Reporter is on assignment to play his music for the masses in 2011. His debut show at Cameo Gallery in February was a rousing success as Ace played songs from this threesixfive project and beyond to a packed room of lively fans. This Thursday, April 21st, Ace and his all-star band bring their live show city-side with a performance at The Delancey (168 Delancey St, New York). Tickets will be available at the door for $7 and fans are encouraged to get there early as Ace is scheduled to hit the stage at 9:15PM sharp.

Ace is also pleased to announce the release of a new single, "Lean Honey Lean (Swingset Committee remix)" from his recently released Arcadia EP. The remix finds nu-wavester's Swingset Committee injecting a kinetic strain of electro-energy into Ace's pulsating love song. A relative calm begins the remix, as a disarmingly ethereal incantation of the song's chorus floats above Swingset's hypotonic drums. The calm quickly gives way to an auditory assault of synthesizers and keyboards that fervently accompany Ace's ode to love eternal. "Oh I will follow you, Oh would you follow me?" asks Ace amidst an array of electronic eruptions – download the remix today and follow him into the eye of Swingset Committee's sonic storm.

Listen to "Lean Honey Lean (Swingset Committee Remix)" here:

Download the song here:

In case you missed it, download the Arcadia EP here:

For more information on Ace Reporter please contact Michelle or Dan at Audible Treats.

The Background:

In 1986 a young Ace Reporter (aka Chris Snyder) saw Itzhak Perlman playing violin on Sesame Street and became enamored with the world of classical music. A few years later, Ace landed his first gig as a singer as the boy soprano on the soundtrack for The Crow. His voice appeared in dozens of movies, TV shows and commercials throughout the course of the next several years. An electric guitar and a creative spark led Ace from recording tracks in his garage to forming The States in 2002, a band he spent 7 years with, releasing 3 albums and playing over 300 shows. With The States on permanent hiatus, the threesixfive project was born in Brooklyn in 2010 and can be found in its entirety here:

"Lean Honey Lean (Swingset Committee Remix)":

Arcadia EP

"The World Is On Fire":

"The World Is On Fire (Barbara Remix) ":


"We Used To Wait" (Arcade Fire cover):

Sleepyhead EP:

"Untouched and Arrived":

Untouched and Arrived EP:

Lean Honey Lean EP:

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:

Threesixfive Project:





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