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spacer MP3: A-Wax - "Fly Pelican (Remix)" Ft. French Montana, Styles P. & Chinx Drugz 07.02.2012
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The Song:

Late last week, A-Wax released the video for "Yeah Right," a recent track pulled from his forthcoming solo album, Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1. Now, with the July 17th release date approaching, the Pittsburgh, California, rapper is excited to release the album's latest single, "Fly Pelican (Remix)," which features French Montana, Styles P., and Chinx Drugz.

The song, originally released in 2011, initially featured only the Coke Boys representatives, French and Chinx, but in putting together the remix for his album, A-Wax enlisted your favorite rapper's favorite street rapper, The Lox's Styles P., who doesn't disappoint, delivering the song's final verse. "How all the features came together," says A-Wax, "it meant a lot. It was very real, not forced at all."

The song, according to A-Wax, was inspired by the instrumental, which came courtesy of Seattle producer BeanOne and was produced specifically with A-Wax in mind. "I wanted to paint a scene out of Scarface, but from a dope boy's point-of-view," says A-Wax. "If the listener pays attention, I'm very subtle with my messages; I may rap about street shit, but I come with the standpoint and opinion of a convicted murderer. I never want anyone to go down the path I did."

Download "Fly Pelican (Remix)" here:

FADER premiered the track and more info can be found here:

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The Background:

A lot of rappers make music about the penitentiary. Few can say that they learned their craft while incarcerated. Having emerged after a lengthy stretch in the prison system during his teenage years, A-Wax turned to rap and came up in the game old-fashioned way, selling CDs hand-to-hand and through Mom & Pop stores across the region. The hard work has paid off -- A-Wax has moved over 200,000 units, independently, no small feat, and the accomplishment eventually led to a deal with Akon's Konvict Muzik label. A-Wax and Akon ultimately went their seperate ways, due to creative differences, and now A-Wax is back on the independent grind, with a new album, Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1. The album, which includes features from French Montana, Styles P., Mistah FAB, and more, will be released July 17th via Illburn Records.


"Fly Pelican (Remix)" Ft. French Montana, Styles P. & Chinx

"Yeah Right"

"Rapper Blood":

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