Video: Lil Wop – “Ghoul”

The 1017 Eskimo Rapper Rises From the Dead and Continues His Rise Up the Charts with This Highlight from Wopavelli 4, Arriving August 31st


Critical Praise:

“Lil Wop has quickly become one of the most promising young rappers to recently emerge from Atlanta’s ever-evolving scene.” – HYPEBEAST

“The Midwest rapper, who also happens to be Famous Dex’s cousin, is brewing up to have a breakout year.” – XXL

“It goes without saying that once you hear Lil Wop once, you’ll start getting all of his songs stuck in your head.” – Lyrical Lemonade

The Video:

Pioneering a blown-out and harsh strain of trap music, Lil Wop mesmerizes listeners with his entrancing vocal fry. Stalking a cemetery, accompanied by one beautiful woman and two floating neon skulls, Lil Wop embraces the dark side in Ghoul,” his latest video. Produced by heatseeking Chicago producer ChaseTheMoney, “Ghoul” is a disorienting and exhilarating listen, with Wop’s rhymes falling far ahead of the eerie ambient synths. In the video, Wop drifts between planes of existence, reveling in his material possessions, including a fresh new Maserati, and descending to demon status. The haunting new “Ghoul” follows another horror-themed video in “Deathnote,” which found Wop presiding over a deadly dinner party. Hosted on WSHH, “Ghoul” is the latest video from Wopavelli 4arriving August 31st.

Born and raised in Chicago, Louis MacPherson grew up idolizing local heroes like Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, and G Herbo, but he held a special place in his heart for Gucci Mane. Naming himself Lil Wop, a play on Gucci’s nickname Guwop, Lil Wop dedicated himself to his rap career when he moved to Atlanta, recording and shooting videos on a regular clip. Eventually, his video for “Lost My Mind” caught the ear of Gucci Mane himself, who signed Wop to his fledgling 1017 Eskimo label. Since the signing, Lil Wop has rapidly expanded his fanbase on the strength of his Wopavelli mixtape series, culminating with the pure evil Wopavelli 4

Earlier this month, Wop shared his Silent Hill EP, which featured two tracks, “Imposters” and “Dawn of the Dead,” with long stretches of silence. Now, Wop is holding a #SilentHillChallenge, inviting aspiring emcees to contribute verses of their own to the tracks. At the end of the contest, he will repost his favorite verse and release it as an official remix.

Watch “Ghoul”:

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The Background:

Every artist dreams of having a meaningful exchange with their inspiration. Lil Wop was sought out by his. For years, the energetic spitter was drawn to Gucci Mane’s honesty, fearlessness, and nimble delivery. Less than a year ago, the prolific and veteran hit-maker reached out to the Atlanta-based rapper with the Wopavelli mixtape series. “He was like, ‘I want to sign you; I don’t care what it takes,’” the younger artist recalls. When Big Guwop checked out the “Lost My Mind” video on Worldstar, he was one of the millions who were captivated. Lil Wop possesses an attitude and confidence in his blunt verses. On that viral hit, he compared himself to his idol in the opening lines. With his trademark gruff delivery, Wop seemed to already be living out a rockstar’s lifestyle, while never abandoning his Trap roots. “I was at a loss for words with the whole situation,” he recalls. He soon signed with 1017 Eskimo/Alamo Records. A year later, on August 10, Lil Wop will release Wopavelli 4, his biggest and most focused project. On the heels of gripping video singles, “Pint Of Blood” and “Hugh Hefner,” the rapper who clawed his way into position steers the course with an energetic and eerie 16-track tape that needs no guests.


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“Hugh Hefner”:

Wopaveli 3

“Paid In Full” ft. Gucci Mane:

Lost My Mind”:

“Gotcho Bit#h” ft. Famous Dex (Prod. by Zaytoven & PoloBoyShawty):

“Bombay” ft. CubanDoll (Prod. by Samba Beatz):