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Before King Von had even been rapping for six months, his two music video singles had earned him two million views. That’s because the 23-year-old signed to Lil Durk’s OTF Records makes songs without compromise or imitation. “Problems” and “War Wit Us” are represent heartbeat of Chicago’s roughest section, delivered with a raw intensity that rings authentic.

“I’m signed to the streets,” Von recently told The Breakfast Club alongside Durk whose mixtapes coined that phrase. Hailing from the notorious “O Block” recognized for its violence, the rapper, whose first name is DaVon, says that it was not until he saw the world recently that he had anything to compare that world to. In early 2018, it appeared that Von might never the outside again. He faced a life sentence for a murder charge. Innocent, Von took the case to trial and eventually won. Deliberation took years, causing anguish for his devoted mother and grandma.

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