Mixtape: KiingRod – Just The Beginning

The Vallejo Rapper Shares a Raucous DailyChiefers-Premiered Mixtape About Being Young and Hungry


The Mixtape:

With an irrepressible, speaker-knocking energy and a facility with threatening punchlines, Vallejo’s KiingRod has a long career ahead of him. Collecting ten hard-hitting tracks into an aspirational full-length, KiingRod shares Just The Beginninga new mixtape. Rocking a breathless delivery over glistening post-hyphy beats, the SOB X RBE affiliate flashes huge potential, creating mob music with genuine emotion that explores the contrast between his rough childhood and flex-heavy present. Distributed by EMPIRE and premiered by Daily ChiefersJust The Beginning features previously released highlights such as the deliriously condescending Bank Roll,” which boasts a standout verse from YBN Nahmir, and the infectious Viral,” featuring Sick Wid It Records’ JT The 4th. With additional appearances from Yhung T.O. & DaBoii of SOB X RBE, Lil Sheik, Flexcity Streetz, Lil Noonie, and KbgocrazyJust The Beginning is a compact set of slappers that helps KiingRod standout in the crowded landscape of Bay Area rap.

Born and raised in Vallejo, CA, KiingRod is an exciting new talent in the region. Growing up, Rod lived in the same neighborhood as DaBoii of SOB X RBE, where they became fast friends and taught each other how to rhyme. Both rappers have a breathless delivery, giving the effect that they will jump out of your speakers into your living room if you talk shit. In 2016, KiingRod struck gold with Knockdown,” a bouncy and intimidating collaboration with rapper Mike Sherm that earned over 6 million views on YouTube. KiingRod parlayed the momentum from that single into Rags To Riches, the young rapper’s debut mixtape, which featured an appearance from Philthy Rich and yielded the hit song Rampage,” which garnered five million views. With his SOB X RBE brethren at his back, KiingRod is ready to hit the big time with Just The Beginning.

Buy Just The Beginning:

iTunes: https://Empire.lnk.to/Justthebeginning
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kiing_rod/sets/just-the-beginning
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1lf1Ki3w13J0NOa76ckvqi?si=l18fbho3STu8CxTsOJ0TBw

Check out the Daily Chiefers premiere: http://dailychiefers.com/promising-bay-area-artist-kiing-rod-drops-off-his-new-full-length-project/

Just The Beginning tracklist:

 1 – Now You Know by KiingRod
 2 – All Factz by KiingRod (feat. Daboii)
 3 – Switching Sides by KiingRod (feat. Lil Noonie & Kbgocrazy)
 4 – Viral by KiingRod (feat. JT The 4th)
 5 – Double Back by KiingRod
 6 – Bak 2 Bak by KiingRod (feat. Flexcity Streetz)
 7 – Risk by KiingRod (feat. Lil Sheik)
 8 – Bank Roll by KiingRod (feat. YBN Nahmir)
 9 – No Name by KiingRod

10 – Get Me Rich by KiingRod (feat. Yhung T.O.)

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The Background:

A product of the hit-making SOB X RBE family, KiingRod bulldozed his way into the game with debut single “Knockdown.” The video single with more than 6 million plays follows the Vallejo, California native’s pathway into Rap—a journey that began in the last year. However, before picking up the mic, Rod learned how to make catchy, street-certified songs and command stages from always being around his brothers. With his SOB X RBE family in tow, KiingRod is charging ahead at full speed with Just The Beginning. From the diverse culture of Vallejo, Rod and his cohorts are showing the power of loyalty and writing new DIY success stories from the Bay. “The code we live by is ‘get it how you live.’ You can’t let anything knock you down. You’ve got to do something in this world, and you need to figure out the plan to make that happen.” In a short time, KiingRod has done just that.


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Just The Beginninghttps://empire.lnk.to/Justthebeginning

“Bank Roll” ft. YBN Nahmir: https://soundcloud.com/kiing_rod/bank-roll-feat-ybn-nahmir

“Viral” ft. JT The 4th: https://youtu.be/DKM27Cx1274 // https://open.spotify.com/track/1jemkppODLhob1zBIHM0rr?si=kvhSbTxYTIif3oNWBqKh4w // https://soundcloud.com/bangers_only/kiingrod-viral-feat-jt-the-4th

“Double Back”: https://youtu.be/DwVb5p60HQE

“Rampage”: https://youtu.be/gc6UvQxZ7sI

“Knockdown”: https://youtu.be/n3H87uyZ9EU