Video: Jarren Benton – “Gimmie The Loot”

XXL Freshmen 10 Candidate and Funk Volume Artist Jarren Benton Releases New Video


Jarren Benton - "Gimme The Loot" Funk Volume

Critical Praise for Jarren Benton:

“As [My Grandmas Basement] unfolds, one thing becomes clear: [Jarren Benton] can handle himself just fine.” – Creative Loafing, 4/5 review

“Benton has an extraordinarily nimble flow and sense of rhythm.” – HipHopDX

“…already creating his own lane and plans to turn a lot of heads.” – XXL

The Video:

Spending days and nights ridding dirty buildings and hazardous facilities of vermin is never fun. One would surely be obsessed  with getting out and filling their pockets with dead presidents, something former exterminator turned XXL’s  2014 Freshmen Class Finalist Jarren Benton knows all too well “Gimmie The Loot,” produced by M-16 and directed by Jakob Owens relentlessly displays this idea of getting money at all cost. In the midst of a home invasion, Jarren and his crew maraud the house of what seems to be another wealthy fellow gang banger. Swindling him of gold and money, the video appears suspenseful and remorseless, yet playful and silly, in doing things like holding the hijacked money up to their ears as cellular phones, flaunting their cash under their snapbacks, and fist-pumping to music with AK-47’s in their hands, all while cruising around the streets of Decatur. The visual emphasis on gold bars and grills invite us into Jarren’s lavish desires, a dream of never having to inspect another dry wall again saying, ” Being broke was never cool to us, feet glued to the concrete you ain’t moving us.”

Funk Volume’s Jarren Benton is making quite a name for himself alongside labelmates Hopsin and Dizzy Wright. Though he dealt with a lot of adversity, this rising star has learned to overcome the obstacles that once stood in his way. The 31-year-old father and husband says, “There were plenty of times where I felt like I really needed to take a step back and maybe hang this music shit up,”  but being on the grind constantly has been paying off for him.  An album review by HipHopDX says, “His aggressive, in-your-face style is well suited for Horrorcore fans, but he also displays true Southern roots with a handful of tracks trending towards Trap Rap.” Built on drive and a unique approach to southern rap, Benton is not only living out his dreams, but is also currently preparing for a 70 city tour at the beginning of April! 

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Jarren is going on a 70+ date tour opening up for Tech N9ne starting April 9th. All dates and ticket-buy links are here:

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Jarren Benton Background:

For an artist with serious mainstream aspirations, Decatur, Georgia’s Jarren Benton has spent his career going against the grain. One of Funk Volume’s premiere acts, Jarren admits, “I love the music I do now. I do it in the safe-mode.” That’s rather shocking for an artist whose last album, Freebasing With Kevin Bacon lived up to its name, at least in attitude and style, evident on single “Skitzo.” He continues, “I want to take it a lil’ further. I just haven’t had the balls to go all the way there yet, ‘cause I presently want to keep a foot in the mainstream too.” After two successful digital releases and a video with over one million YouTube plays, Jarren is currently promoting his Funk Volume debut album, My Grandmas Basement, which debuted at #4 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart. In 2013, Jarren went on the My Grandma’s Basement Tour, his first ever headline U.S. tour and joined Rittz on his The Life And Times Tour. Benton is set to head out on tour with Tech N9ne on his Independent Grind Tour in April 2014.

Funk Volume Background:

Funk Volume is a Los Angeles-based record label, marketing, and production company that been cited as a leader among independent rap labels with nearly 60 million YouTube views, over 400,000 Facebook likes, consistent Top 10 chart placements on Billboard and iTunes and high profile write-ups in media outlets such as Forbes, Billboard, SPIN, LA Weekly, and many more. Founded in 2008 by internationally recognized rap artist Hopsin and Stanford MBA grad Damien “Dame” Ritter, the label was created with one thing in mind: protecting the integrity of the artist’s vision. Currently home to rappers Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton and more recently, DJ’s and producers Hoppa, Kato, and Rikia, the label has quickly transformed into being a label to watch by fans and industry insiders alike. Funk Volume recently released their first documentary, Independent Living, which captures the artists’ swift rise during their 44-date national tour in 2012. The latest release from the Funk Volume label is marquee artist Hopsin’s Knock Madness. For more info:


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“Gimmie The Loot”:

“Don’t Act”:–OW2n-rzRI&

“LIfe In The Jungle”: 

“We On” Ft. Dizzy Wright & Pounds:

“Go Off” Ft. Hopsin & SwizZz:

“Bully” Ft. Vinne Paz:

“Cadillacs & Chevys”:

“The Basement Interview Pt.1″:

“Razor Blades And Steak Knives”:

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