High Desert

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Way back a few ages in New Mexico geologic time, when the sun was a little closer to the desert floor and the seashells on top of the Sandias were still living clams and crinoids, Marty Crandall and Nick Noeding Jr.’s parents were unknowingly attending Sandia High School at the same time. Indeed, that old Albuquerque mythos was already at work bringing High Desert together. Marty and Nick sniffled on the same springtime pollen, batted the same dirty t-ball around their mutual neighbor kid’s backyard, ordered the same breakfast burritos at The Frontier, and finally met as roommates in the early aughts at the legendary Burque band house 1620 Silver. There, Marty’s bands Flake Music and The Shins, and Nick’s beatsy solo recording projects, shared the same basement practice space, backyard chiminea, thrifted four-tracks, and stickered-up refrigerator full of Tecate.

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