Rapper/Producer FXXXXY Announces Far From XXXX EP, With Appearances From Future, Gunna, and Lil Durk

The Dallas-Born Rapper/Producer Shares “Home.” a Celebratory, Soul-Sampling Heater From the Upcoming Project


Critical Praise:

Flawed Up Shawty EP shows FXXXXY’s range of talents with meticulous production, memorable hooks, and agile flows. It also walks the line between a murky undergound vibe and more pop-leaning accessibility. FXXXXY is operating in his own lane and has yet to get a public superstar co-sign or a big-name collaboration, but Flawed Up Shawty is the first look at a talented new artist coming into his own, and if he keeps progressing at this rate, big things should follow.” – Pigeons & Planes

The Announcement:

A serious, self-sufficient talent who excels as a vocalist and producer, Dallas-born FXXXXY makes music like he breathes air. Welcoming us into his hedonistic, romantic, and textured sonic world, FXXXXY announces Far From XXXX, his next EP. Whether he raps or sings, FXXXXY captivates with his raspy vocals and ear for hooks. Handling much of the production himself, FXXXXY creates a diverse soundscape, oscillating from flute-y trap, piano-led R&B, to soul-sampling heat, but still maintaining the Earl Sweatshirt-co-signee’s unique aesthetic. The upcoming project has a unique thematic structure–to better understand the album, insert each song’s title into the album’s title: “Far From Home,” “Far From Self-Care,” “Far From Staying Single.” Far From XXXX comes in the wake of Need U,” an immersive trap ballad with a guest verse from Gunna, which has over 6 million streams on all platforms. Featuring additional appearances from Future and Lil DurkFar From XXXX EP arrives this summer via Rule #1/Interscope.

Far From XXXX is a roller coaster of emotions and sounds for me,” explains FXXXXY. “It explains my dualities as an artist more than any song could. It was inspired by my flaws. I would say that’s the biggest influence for the project.”

To accompany the announcement of his upcoming album, FXXXXY shares “Home,” a soul-sampling new single, premiered by HipHopDX. Riding a righteous and fiery sample from “Lord, Lord,” by Andrew Brown and National Baptist Convention Choir, famously sampled by Drake in “Lord Knows,” FXXXXY airs out his grievances with haters on “Home,” seeking retribution for backhanded compliments, misrepresentative Instagram flexing, and other forms of fakery: “All these fake n****s feeling important/Brag vacations but look where you resorting/I can see it in your eyes, you thinking extorting/Can’t extort a real n****, yo ego enormous”. Still, despite his myriad problems, FXXXXY learns to embrace his life as an artist, as he thinks about how far he’s come: “And this feel like home more than I’m from/I ain’t been home in like 5 months/Lord forgive me, I’ll go when the time comes.” Premiered by PUB, “Home” follows the release of previous Far From XXXX tracks like the piano-driven ballad “Self Care” and the R&B anti-slow jam “Staying Single,” which landed on Spotify’s Rhythm & Baws playlist.

Says FXXXXY, “‘Home’ was inspired by the lack of being home. It came out naturally it wasn’t planned or premeditated. It just happened to fit so perfectly into the EP in ways I can’t explain until you hear it.”

Listen to “Home”: http://smarturl.it/FXXXXYHome // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkOSXoinm0I

Check out the HipHopDX premiere: https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.51489/title.dxclusive-fxxxxy-announces-far-from-xxxx-ep-releases-home-single

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“Home”: http://smarturl.it/FXXXXYHome

“Staying Single”: http://smarturl.it/StayingSingle

“Self Care”: https://open.spotify.com/album/3PomdcDCPPETjU9Woq8H67?si=4CEUkulPT8mIGIa7iUmzDg // https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/self-care-single/1457274293 // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNcJP2l7Ul4

“Need U” ft. Gunna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES6c6QCKgb8

“Follow Me” ft. Lil Durk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1TXnX_mhdg

Flawed Up Shawtyhttps://open.spotify.com/album/4Sq50oZMIMKMoZlVSUqa9O?si=XZV8eqO6TsmGr3A0CTgrxw