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With edgy content and a unique rap style, Full |REBEL| Jacket is primed for the success they have long deserved. This underground Phoenix group has pioneered a sound they’ve coined as “Southern Sophisticated.” Full |REBEL| Jacket is bringing a fresh perspective through their lyrics while the group’s originality vibrates by means of their cultured beat selection and region defying styles. Their debut album The REBEL EP exemplifies the sound they seek to give fans and it shows the versatility of southern bred, west coast residing artists. Expect Full |REBEL| Jacket to soon be amongst raps elite.
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Press Releases

AllHipHop Premieres Full |REBEL| Jacket New Video “27th”
Full |REBEL| Jacket Releases New Single “Jazzee”
Rappers Release Two New Visuals To Accompany Latest Single
Smoking Section Premieres Latest Video From The REBEL EP
Latest Single From The REBEL EP Dedicated To Southern Girls, Features Houston Mainstay
“Bacon” Video Released; REBEL EP Available For Download Now
The REBEL EP Will Feature B.J. The Chicago Kid, Big Rube, Nikkiya, Chalie Boy & More
New Single “Bacon” Released; REBEL EP Will Be Available September 3
Potholes In My Blog Premieres New Single From The REBEL EP
New Video For “Purple Lights” Inspired By Olympics
Second Single From Upcoming REBEL EP Features Up And Coming Singer B.J. The Chicago Kid
Phoenix Duo Release Film Noir Inspired Video; Prep New EP

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