Video: OTM Frenchyy – “Seen It All” ft. Rod Wave

The Two Florida Rappers and Alamo Labelmates Take a Peek Into the Vagaries of the Criminal Justice System in a New Clip


Critical Praise

“Don’t sleep on this prospective star” – Lyrical Lemonade

The Video:

Delivering slice-of-life maxims in a drawly sing-song, OTM Frenchyy is a leading purveyor of Southern-fried street rap. Returning with a piano-laden piece of gospel rap, Frenchyy drops knowledge on “Seen It All,” his latest video. Recruiting Alamo labelmate Rod Wave, who contributes a passionate and infectious chorus, Frenchyy dramatizes his legal issues in the HipHopSince1987-premiered clip, standing up to police interrogation and refusing to snitch on his OTM brethren. “Seen It All” follows the raucous video for Bricks To The A,” premiered earlier this month by Dirty-Glove Bastard, and last week’s poignant “Trials & Tribulations” clip.

Explains Frenchyy, “I’ve seen it all from the ups to the downs. I had people I thought would always be there for me turn their back on me. Gotta keep your eyes on your own paper. That’s what my teacher taught me.”

The ringleader of the Deep South-based OTM crew, along with OTM Ruger, Frenchyy is one of the most promising rappers in Florida. Building up a grassroots fanbase with an endless stream of quality videos, Frenchyy had several tracks cross the 100,000 view mark on YouTube, including the poignant “Out The Mud,” and the hedonistic “I Need More.” Signed to Alamo Records, OTM Frenchyy is steadily gaining fans and earning critical attention. He’s ready to break out in a big way in 2018. Stay tuned for his debut solo project, coming soon.

Watch “Seen It All” ft. Rod Wave:

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“Seen It All” ft. Rod Wave:

“Trials & Tribulations” ft. OTM Ruger:

“Bricks To The A” ft. OTM Ruger & AP Jax:

“I Need More”:

“Out The Mud”: