Video: OTM Frenchyy – “Bricks To The A” ft. OTM Ruger & AP Jax

The Alamo-Signed Florida Artist Shows Off His Bars On This Energetic Southern Slapper


Critical Praise

“Don’t sleep on this prospective star” – Lyrical Lemonade

The Video:

Delivering colorful street tales with a signature sing-songy cadence, OTM Frenchyy is one of the South’s most exciting up-and-comers. Strutting his stuff above a triumphant trap beat, OTM Frenchyy delves into the unsavory details of life in his Tampa neighborhood in Bricks To The A.” Teaming up with ATL rapper OTM Ruger and fellow St. Petersburg rapper AP Jax atop dramatic synth string stabs, Frenchyy showcases his sharp pen, vividly describing his life in The Bricks: “I call on my young’ns to get at your head/All that robbin’ got my dawg in the feds/All that time in there’ll fuck up your head/We’ll go at your granny if she got some bread.” In the video, premiered by Dirty-Glove Bastard, Frenchyy brings out his hood to his backyard, dancing and stunting in front of his foreign car.

One half of the OTM duo, along with OTM Ruger, Frenchyy is one of the most promising rappers in Florida. Building up a grassroots fanbase with an endless stream of quality videos, Frenchyy had several tracks cross the 100,000 view mark on YouTube, including the poignant “Out The Mud,” and the hedonistic “I Need More.” Signed to Alamo Records, OTM Frenchyy is ready to break out in a big way in 2018. Stay tuned for his debut solo project, coming soon.

Watch “Bricks To The A” ft. OTM Ruger & AP Jax:

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“Bricks To The A” ft. OTM Ruger & AP Jax:

“I Need More”:

“Out The Mud”: