Fijimacintosh Announces Teenage Disillusionment  Mixtape, Releasing on January 11th, Feat. IDK, Kid Trunks, A1Billionaire, and Noirillusions

The Ohio 17-Year-Old Shows Off His Vocal Range on “I Had Nuthin,” Featuring an Appearance From IDK


Critical Praise for Fijimacintosh:

“NoirIllusions and Fijimacintosh’s “Glock Box” has a playful immediacy uncommon to such low-profile artists, but its cheeriness has an addictiveness that’s tough to deny. The track does a neat trick of giving a song about packing weapons, fucking all night, and foreign cars—rap toolkit shit—an effervescent tone. It’s executed economically, and with a shamelessness that suggests this won’t be the duo’s first visit to these pages.” – Complex

The Video:

Stretching syllables into saccharine hooks with his unique vocal ability, 17-year-old Ohio native Fijimacintosh is a prodigious talent. Blasting off into a breakthrough 2019, Fijimacintosh announces Teenage Disillusionmenthis second mixtape. Inspired by the offbeat and drug-fueled vaporwave aesthetic, Teenage Disillusionment is a taut seven-piece collection of candy-coated trap. The follow-up to 2018’s well-received Satellite Crashthe upcoming mixtape finds Fiji leveling up his vocal ability, switching on a dime from rhythmic delivery to soaring melodies, creating memorable hooks with pitch modulation and crafty songwriting. The new project was created in close collaboration with producer/artist Deko, who produced five of the tracks and features as a vocalist on another. Featuring appearances from IDKA1Billionaire, noirillusionsand Kid Trunks, who appears on the breakout hit Millennium” (1.04m plays on SoundCloud), Teenage Disillusionment arrives on January 11th.

To accompany the announcement of the mixtape, Fiji shares I Had Nuthin,” the project’s latest single. Anchored by a wild, pitch-shifting hook from Fiji, “I Had Nuthin” finds the young rapper reveling in his success, enjoying all the spoils that he couldn’t have before he discovered his talent. Premiered by XXL, the single features a dexterous guest verse from Baltimore, who imitates Fiji’s cadence, molding it into a masterpiece of menace: “You just a layup, I am a dunk/Body this beat, put that shit in the trunk.” Produced by OG Parker and Deko, “I Had Nuthin” follows the darker, more melodic Suicide,” the first single from Teenage Disillusionment, which released in December.

“The inspiration came from being broke and having nothing one moment and then getting money the next and having people treat me differently,” explains Fiji to XXL. “They started acting like they loved me or cared for me all of a sudden. There’s a lot that’s coming up that I am really excited about. Lots of new music is on the horizon and I’m even working on releasing some exclusive new merchandise that I am really excited for my fans to see so keep an eye out for that!”

The culmination of momentum created by a series of successful SoundCloud singles, Fiji’s 2018 debut project Satellite Crash is a promising portrait of a blossoming artist, as Fiji mutates his style through each infectious track. Featuring appearances from Robb Bank$, A1 Billionaire, SwagHollywood, and CashonlySatellite Crash racked up millions of streams on SoundCloud, including 878k plays on mixtape highlight “Wintertime Nights.” The talented teenager was recently the subject of a short profile in XXL’s The Break Presents series and showed off unique stage presence in opening dates for the likes of Comethazine, Smooky Margielaa and Yung Bans. In November, Fiji shared the colorful and action-packed clip for Demon Slayer,” which has over 300k views on YouTube.

Listen to “I Had Nuthin” ft. IDK:

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Teenage Disillusionment tracklist:

  1. Broken Castles (ft. A1Billionaire) (Prod. by Deko)
  2. Millennium ft. Kid Trunks (Prod. by SenseiATL)
  3. Suicide ft. Deko (Prod. by JF Rome Keys)
  4. Wipe Me Down (Prod. by Deko)
  5. Red Pill, Blue Pill/Glock Box Pt. II ft. noirillusions (Prod. by Deko)
  6. Overdose (Prod. by Deko)
  7. I Had Nuthin ft. IDK (Prod. by Deko & OG Parker)

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The Background:

17-year-old Canton, Ohio native Fijimacintosh has been actively making music since he was 10, releasing songs online under different monikers and taking them down, slowly amassing a fanbase hungry for his melodies and bubbly delivery – before even releasing an official project. With several songs buzzing on Soundcloud and Youtube and after catching the attention of Trippie Redd and XXXtentacion, Fiji landed a deal with independent powerhouse EMPIRE and released his debut project Satellite Crash in March 2018, which includes the singles “Wintertime Nights” and “Demon Slayer“.


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“I Had Nuthin” ft. IDK:

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“Demon Slayer”:

“Metallic Withdrawals”:

“Greatful Alive, I Could’ve Died”:

Satellite Crash

“Wintertime Nights”:

“Nocturnal Exclipse” ft. Robb Bank$: //

“Wintertime Nights”:

“Millennium” ft. Kid Trunks: