Video: Domani – “Time Will Tell”

The 18-Year-Old ATL Rapper Shares a High-Concept Clip For a Beat-Shifting Highlight From the Upcoming Time Will Tell Project


 Critical Praise for Domani

“[‘Paris’ is] a flowing, rich showcase of the Southern newcomer’s distinct style.”The FADER

“…Domani definitely has the potential to dominate rap in his own right. With bars that are mellow, melodic and most impressively, mature, Domani deserves to go without his age or upbringing mentioned in relation to his music.” – PAPER

“[Domani is] an individual and a rapper well and truly on an astronomical ascension phase” Highsnobiety

The Video:

Tasteful and wise well-beyond his eighteen years, ATL rapper Domani is destined for big things. Worrying about his come-up and his future as an artist, Domani shares Time Will Tell, his latest video. Riding a beat that changes from life-affirming gospel to sinister bass-boosted trap, Domani tells a pair of connected stories from his childhood–both related to his father’s arrest and imprisonment, and his difficulty finding people to trust. Ever a reflective and philosophical thinker, Domani takes solace in the realization that everyone’s intentions become clear over time: “Time will tell who’s real or fake/if you’re not with me then you’re in the way,” rhymes Domani on the hook. In the video, premiered by Dirty-Glove Bastard, Domani dramatizes moments from his youth, including the moment of his father’s arrest and his dealings with an opportunistic teacher, contrasting them with candles, coffins, hearses, and other funereal iconography. “Time Will Tell” is the latest video from the upcoming Time Will Tell project, following the symbolist video for Game We Play,” premiered earlier this month.

A reflection on the unknowability of the future and the importance of letting fate run its course, Time Will Tell finds the 18-year-old rapper creating a unique sonic world, complete with lush live instrumentation, poetry, and bits of scripted dialogue. The follow-up to 2017’s The Constellation and 2018’s AmygdalaTime Will Tell is an eclectic and philosophical coming-out party for Domani’s talent and his voice, equally potent while delivering drawly rhymes or lilting melodies. Featuring production from Eric G, Smitti Boi & The Olympicks, and more, Time Will Tell releases on June 7th via EMPIRE.

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Time Will Tell tracklist:
1. A Poem I Wrote
2. Time Will Tell
3. Voice Memos
4. I’m Not Ready
5. When I’m Gone
6. Game We Play
7. Tonight
8. Not A Rapper
9. Myself (ft. Ernestine)
10. Forever (ft. DaVionne)
11. How It Feel
12. One Day
13. Real Life (ft. Lexi Alon & Kim)
14. Darkness [Bonus Track]

Time Will Tell Personnel: 
Guitar: 88Wavves (2, 5)
Keys: MyGuyMars (4), Quatez “Staccato” Blount (9), Cory Ling (13)
Horns: The Human DJ (6)
Bass: MyGuyMars (9), Hero (13)
Viola: Ashilee (2, 5, 6, 9, 11), Margaux Whitney (4), Deu (8)
Violin: Evonee Mitchell (14)
Cello: Johnathan Lord (2, 13)
Harp: Jahori Simmons (11)
Additional vocals: Earthtone Lyrix (9)

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