Mixtape: Comethazine – Bawskee 2

Following Up His Massively Successful 2018 Debut Mixtape, the Alamo/Interscope Signee Turns In a Dose of Instant Turn-Up, Premiered by XXL


Critical Praise for Comethazine:

“St. Louis teen Comethazine gave rap a shot, and got millions of streams in return. As his December 2017 video “Piped Up” inches closer to 3 million views, it seems the young rapper made the right choice to leave the regular nine-to-five life behind”XXL

Comethazine is one of the most buzzing artists in the hip-hop world” – HotNewHipHop

The Mixtape:

Racking up hundreds of millions of streams with bite-sized bursts of pure energy, East St. Louis native Comethazine grows more popular by the hour. Bursting back onto the scene with a collection of blown-out bangers, Comethazine shares Bawskee 2, his latest mixtape. A torrent of high-tempo and electric rap tracks that rarely surpass the two-minute mark, Bawskee 2 refines and expands Comethazine’s winning formula, building hooks around witty boasts and snarling delivery: “First name Benjamin, last name Counter/Pull up with this motherfuckin’ tec, fuck a bouncer.” Complementing his neon aesthetic with distorted and alien production from the likes of DivanandTrillogyNyombo, and others, Bawskee 2 is a tour-de-force of aggressive and succinct rhyming, designed to make you punch through the roof of your car. The follow-up to 2018’s highly successful Bawskeehome to Comethazine’s breakout single Bands” (34.7 million Spotify streams, 20 million SoundCloud plays, 19.5 million YouTube views) and the rapidly rising radio single “Walk” (34.8 million Spotify streams), Bawskee 2 arrives on January 11th via Alamo/Interscope.

Featuring the new basketball-referencing single DeMar DeRozan” (1.1 million YouTube views, 2 million SoundCloud plays), Bawskee 2 arrives just in time for Comethazine’s headlining  Bawskee 2 Tour.” The tour kicked off in Dallas on January 10th and features support from Lil Gnar, JayDaYoungan, and TNT Tez. Stopping at NYC’s Gramercy Theatre on January 27th, the “Bawskee 2 Tour” is a prime opportunity for fans to turn up to the tracks from the new album and other singles like the recently released High Riser,” which has over 1 million Spotify plays since its mid-November release. Comethazine is now a “First Alert” artist on SiriusXM’s HipHopNation, where “Walk” is currently on heavy rotation.

Listen to Bawskee 2http://smarturl.it/bawskee2

Check out the XXL premiere: http://www.xxlmag.com/rap-music/new-music/2019/01/comethazine-bawskee-2-mixtape/

Buy tickets to the “Bawskee 2 Tour”: https://www.bawskeegang.com/

Bawskee 2 tracklist:
1. On My Granny Kids (Prod. by B Hunna)
2. I Be Damned (Prod. by Divanand)
3. Benjamin Counter (Prod. by Divanand)
4. Nonsense (Prod. by Trillogy)
5. Hippopotamus (Prod. by Erik Cordova)
6. How Do You Do? (Prod. by Divanand)
7. 4 Pound (Prod. by Divanand)
8. Gusher Guts (Prod. by Divanand & Shoki)
9. DeMar DeRozan (Prod. by Nyombo)
10. Wine & Dine (Prod. by 10Fiftyy)

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Comethazine Background:

Born Frank Childress in 1998, St. Louis-native Comethazine was a lean-loving high-school dropout. Influenced by Nipsey Hussle, Odd Future, Lil B, and Chief Keef, he started rapping in 2015. He soon discovered that his initial output was not as well received as party-oriented cloud rap, so he switched angles and scored a pair of local underground hits with “Run It” and “Hella Choppers.” The Aloe Vera EP landed in 2016, which resulted in a late-2017 deal with Alamo Records. A slew of short singles followed, including “Deathwish,” “Piped Up,” “Oowee,” and “Hero.” “Bands” became a viral hit, landing on his first full-length, Bawskee, which debuted on the Billboard 200 upon its release in 2018.


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Bawskee 2http://smarturl.it/bawskee2

Buy tickets to the “Bawskee 2 Tour”:

“DeMar DeRozan”: https://soundcloud.com/comethazine/demar // https://youtu.be/9fpPa7xFpVA

“High Riser”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClL12fyYmDA


“Bands”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TOoD1-7_GY

“Walk”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDlLTYC6OOQ