MP3: Booty Fade – “Keep the Change”

Dallas DJ/Producers Booty Fade Drop Home Alone-Inspired Holiday Single


The Song:

Just in time for the holidays, Picnic and Sober connect to bring the world “Keep The Change, a new and fun holiday tune that fuses their signature sound with lines from all you filthy animals’ favorite holiday comedy. Named after the popular haircut, Booty Fade broke beyond their Dallas hip-hop roots and took over dance clubs with their party tracks. Although they’re known for sampling Dallas hip-hop classics, Booty Fade here sample a different sort of classic, and the result is perfect for a bouncing holiday celebration.

Listen to the mix here:

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Booty Fade Background:

Booty Fade, the production duo who took their name from a popular haircut, are gaining attention for their hometown of Dallas, Texas with their club music collaboration. The two halves of Booty Fade, PICNICTYME and DJ Sober, are no newcomers to the Dallas rap scene. Separately, the two have worked with A.Dd+, the Cannabinoidsthe PartyPPT, and events like the Big Bang parties. When the duo discovered that they shared an interest in making party music, Sober and Picnic formed Booty Fade as a way for them to step out of their indie rap personas and create something new. The duo take regional styles from all over to craft their dance floor tracks, which quickly grabbed the attention of their city with their first release “F#$k Like a Stripper.” Their debut EP is due out September 10th.


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“Keep the Change”:

“Gorilla Vs. Bear III Official Mix”:

“T.Y.B.” Ft. Yung Naton:

“On & On Remix”:

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